Faculty & Staff Directory

Name Department Phone Title
Aaronson, Norman F. Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-6602 Clinical Professor Emeritus
Abdullah, Aamir The Wise Law Library (303) 492-4711 Instructional Services and Research Librarian
Ahnstedt, Jennifer Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Althaus, Jeff Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Anaya, S. James Faculty-Resident (303) 492-4475 University Distinguished Professor and Nicholas Doman Professor of International Law
Anderson, Peter Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Anduaga Bocanegra, O. Antonio Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Ansted, Danielle Student Affairs Counselor
Arguello, Damian Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Ashlock, Meredith Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Baker, Charles E. Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Ballantine, Jay Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Bangert, Henry Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Battaglia, Emily Communications and Public Relations (303) 492-3852 Marketing and Communications Specialist
Bauer, Amy Faculty-Adjunct, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-1302 Associate Dean for Instructional Development and
Teaching Professor
Bell, Lindley Dean's Office (303) 735-2264 Events Coordinator
Benhalim, Rabea Faculty-Resident (303) 735-8940 Associate Professor
Bernthal, J. Brad Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident, Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-0610 Associate Professor of Law
Director, Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship
Bloom, Frederic Faculty-Resident (303) 492-3860 Professor of Law
Brantz, David Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Briscoe, Georgia K. Faculty-Emeritus Senior Instructor Emeritus
Brodsky, Judge Elizabeth Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Bruce, Teresa Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5002 Legal Writing Professor
Bruff, Harold Faculty-Emeritus (303) 735-3536 Nicholas Rosenbaum Professor of Law
Brunet Marks, Alexia Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6065 Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs and
Professor of Law
Buckner Inniss, Lolita Faculty-Resident Dean and Provost's Professor of Law
Burnett, Nan Waller Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Burnham, Todd Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Burr, Mike Information Technology (303) 735-7658 Application & Web Developer
Callison, William Faculty-Adjunct Thomson Visiting Professor
Campos, Paul F. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6053 Professor of Law
Cantrell, Deborah Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5289 Professor of Law
Schaden Chair in Experiential Learning
Carlozzi, Annie Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 735-1502 Program Coordinator, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment
Carpenter, Kristen A. American Indian Law Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6526 Council Tree Professor of Law
Director of the American Indian Law Program
Carter, Cynthia Faculty Coordinator Office (303) 492-9464 Faculty Coordinator
Chapin, Violeta Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5830 Clinical Professor of Law
Associate Dean for Community and Culture
Chayet, Marco Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Ciota, Rebecca The Wise Law Library (303) 492-6083 Technology and Web Services Librarian
Coberly, Teresa Information Technology (303) 492-5323 IT Support Assistant Director
Collins, Richard B. Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-5493 Emeritus Professor of Law
Connolly, Brian Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Corbridge, James Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-8436 Professor Emeritus
Counselor, Financial Aid Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-0647 Financial Aid Counselor
Coyle, James Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Curfman, Chelsea Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Cushing, Matthew Dean's Office, Faculty-Resident (303) 735-6554 Director of Executive and Community Learning Programs
Daley, Gabrielle Schaden Experiential Learning Program (303) 735-2092 Director of Schaden Experiential Learning Program
Dalton, Shamika The Wise Law Library (303) 492-6073 William A. Wise Law Library Director
Associate Professor
DeForest, Denise Dean's Office, Faculty-Resident (303) 735-7467 Director for Academic Support | Teaching Associate Professor
Delgado, Yesenia Dean's Office (303) 492-8048 Director of Events and Inclusive Programming
Desautels-Stein, Justin Faculty-Resident Director, Center for Critical Thought
Professor of Law
Affiliated Faculty, Department of History

Domenico, Judge Daniel Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Dougherty, Michael Faculty-Adjunct Faculty Adjunct
Drane, Nicole Faculty Coordinator Office (303) 492-1057 Manager of Faculty Support
Dunn, Lindsay Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Edwards, Douglas Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Elder, Steven The Wise Law Library (303) 492-5651 Library Technician
Elliff, The Honorable Eric Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Elnicki, Ashley Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
England, Ann Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-0285 Clinical Professor of Law
Fernandez, Benjamin Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Fero, Jonathan Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Fiflis, Ted J. Faculty-Emeritus Professor of Law
Finn, Judge Sean Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Flynn, Roger Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Fogleman, Annie Career Development Office (303) 492-3513 Office Manager
Foley, Judge Maurice B. Faculty-Adjunct Thomson Visiting Professor
Foley, Shannon Registrar's Office (303) 492-1865 Registrar
Francis, John A. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-1848 Instructor
Fritz-Mauer, Matthew Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Fulford, Martha Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Fulton, Marci Career Development Office (303) 492-7015 Assistant Dean for Employer Relations and Outreach
Funk, Samantha Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow (303) 492-4893 Visiting Legal Writing Assistant Professor
Funk, T. Markus Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Furman, Patrick Faculty-Adjunct, Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-2638 Clinical Professor Emeritus
Garelick, Robert Development Office Assistant Dean for Advancement
Gazur, Wayne M. Faculty-Adjunct, Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-7013 Emeritus Professor of Law
Gebhardt, Kathleen Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Gerding, Erik Faculty-Resident (303) 492-4899 Professor of Law
Gillette, Rachel K. Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Glynn, Katie Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Gonzalez, David The Wise Law Library Serials Assistant
Gordon, Matthew Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Gordon, Philip Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Grassgreen, Randi Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Green, Lisa Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Greene, Adrienne Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Grim, Kelsy Student Affairs (303) 735-1384 Student Services Coordinator
Gulasekaram, P. Deep Faculty-Resident (303) 492-1568 Professor
Gunning, Judge Robert Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Guruswamy, Lakshman D. Faculty-Emeritus Professor Emeritus
Guzman, Fernando Dean's Office (303) 492-4332 Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Excellence
Hall, Megan Faculty-Resident (303) 492-8615 Legal Writing Professor
Hamm, David Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Hansen, Sarah Career Development Office (303) 492-0265 Director for Government and Public Interest
Hart, Justice Melissa Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Hartley, Sarah Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Hatfield, Dale Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow, Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-6648 Executive Fellow, Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship
Hauser, Henry Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Henderson, Jamie Dean's Office (303) 735-6335 Business Services Manager
Hendricks, Jennifer S. Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5453 Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Juvenile and Family Law Program
Higgins, Shannan Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Hill, David S. Faculty-Emeritus Professor Emeritus
Horowitz, Emily Student Affairs (303) 735-4529 Assistant Dean of Student Services
Hotz, Alex Dean's Office (303) 492-4940 General Laborer
Hyde, Matt Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Hynes, J. Dennis Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-8436 Professor Emeritus
Ilseng, Jimmy Dean's Office (303) 735-7056 International Programs Director
Ilseng, Kelly Faculty Coordinator Office (303) 492-5006 Assistant Manager of Faculty Support
Ireland, Julie Career Development Office (303) 492-8651 Office Assistant
Jackson, Kristine M. Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-7085 Senior Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management
Jamshidi, Maryam Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6154 Associate Professor
Jobe, Jennipher Clinical Education Program (303) 492-9510 Clinical Programs Manager
Johnson, Victoria Dean's Office (303) 492-0525 Faculty Affairs Program Manager
Jones, Judge Bruce Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Jones, Kerri The Wise Law Library (303) 492-6229 Library Technician
Kalwara, James The Wise Law Library (303) 492-7535 Metadata Librarian
Kaminski, Margot Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5218 Professor of Law
Kamlet, Jay Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Katz, Judson Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Kay, Melanie Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at Colorado Law, Faculty-Resident (303) 735-7781 Director, Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program at Colorado Law and Instructor
Kersten, Peter The Wise Law Library Senior Research and Reference Fellow
Kiernan-Johnson, Derek H. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5863 Teaching Professor of Law
Kilday, Adriana Information Technology (303) 492-4917 CRM Data Analyst
Kispert, Erik Information Technology (303) 492-5145 IT Director
Koehn, Jacqueline Law Journals, Schaden Experiential Learning Program (303) 492-6145 Student Journals & Competitions Coordinator
Kowalczyk, Jacquelyn The Wise Law Library (303) 492-5813 Library Technician II - Metadata Assistant
Krakoff, Sarah Faculty-Resident, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-2641
Kramer, Amy Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Krishnamurthy, Vivek Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-0209 Associate Professor
Director, Samuelson-Glushko Technology Law & Policy Clinic
Kupfner, Kenneth Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Levine, Aaron Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Levy, Marc Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Loewenstein, Avi Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Loewenstein, Mark J. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-7102 Monfort Professor of Commercial Law
Logan, Michele Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at Colorado Law (303) 735-8323 Professional Program Coordinator
Lohnes, Jud Korey Wise Innocence Project (303) 492-8489 Staff Attorney, Korey Wise Innocence Project
Lord, Kathleen Korey Wise Innocence Project (303) 492-2214 Staff Attorney, Korey Wise Innocence Project
MacGregor, Gregor Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-1296 Acequia Assistance Project and Law of the Colorado River Fellow
Maciejewski, Andrea Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Malveaux, Suzette Byron R. White Center, Faculty-Resident Moses Lasky Professor of Law and Director of The Byron R. White Center for the Study of American Constitutional Law

Mangum, David Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Marchesi, Karen The Wise Law Library (303) 492-4945 Administrative Assistant, Law Library
Marcum, Radha Silicon Flatirons Center Temporary Staff
Mariotti, Nate Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 735-5633 Managing Director, Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship
Marlett, David Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Massey, Cabell Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Matsumoto, Sarah Clinical Education Program (303) 492-4982 Clinical Associate Professor
Director, Environmental Law Clinic
McAusland, Chau Faculty Coordinator Office (303) 492-3096 Faculty Coordinator
McCaskill, Alexia Career Development Office (303) 492-5911 Senior Director for Professional Development
McCloskey, Christine Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 735-3583 Program Coordinator, Silicon Flatirons
McCutcheon, Bryan Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
McKee, Christopher Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Mendelson, Jason A. Faculty-Adjunct (303) 642-4080 Adjunct Faculty
Metz, Sara Dean's Office (303) 492-9681 Human Resources Director
Miles, James Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Miller, Scott Faculty-Adjunct (303) 492-3708 Adjunct Faculty
Mix, Judge Kristen L. Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Mohraz, Andrew Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Monasterio, Frannie Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 735-2154 GWC Water Law Fellow
Moore, Jake Registrar's Office, Student Affairs (303) 492-6755 Assistant Director, Student Services
Morley, Susan Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Moss, Scott Faculty-Adjunct, Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5374 Professor of Law
Mountin, Zachary Clinical Education Program (303) 735-8762 Associate Clinical Professor
Moyes, Anne-Marie Korey Wise Innocence Project (303) 492-2640 Program Director, Korey Wise Innocence Project
Mueller, Christopher B. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6973 Henry S. Lindsley Professor of Procedure and Advocacy
Munn, Robyn Communications and Public Relations, Dean's Office (303) 492-7598 Director of Marketing and Communications
Nagel, Robert F. Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-8428 Rothgerber Professor of Constitutional Law
Neureiter, N. Reid Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Nevelow Mart, Susan Faculty-Emeritus Professor Emeritus
Nist, Emily Development Office Associate Director of Development
Norton, Helen Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5751 University Distinguished Professor and Rothgerber Chair in Constitutional Law
O'Hara, Timothy Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
O'Neil, Carrie Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
O'Rourke, Patrick Faculty-Adjunct (303) 860-5691 Adjunct Faculty
Olafson, Jon J. Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Oltmans, Curt Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Orian Peer, Nadav Faculty-Resident (303) 735-8849 Associate Professor
Pappas, Michael Faculty-Resident (303) 735-0277 Professor of Law
Parady, Sarah Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Parks, Lisa Development Office (303) 492-0360 Program Manager for Stewardship and Development
Parsons, Amanda Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5736 Associate Professor
Passamaneck, Nora Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Penn, Michelle The Wise Law Library (303) 492-2705 Head of Faculty Services
Peshut, Jeffrey Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Pizzi, William T. Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-6470 Emeritus Faculty
Plotkin, Bruce Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Policastri, Joan The Wise Law Library (303) 492-2706 Collection Services and Research Librarian
Pratschler, Meghan Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Pratt, Staci The Wise Law Library (303) 492-2504 Head of Student Services and Outreach Librarian
Prestianni, Deb Faculty Coordinator Office (303) 735-8352 Faculty Coordinator
Price, Cortney Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Quinlan, Sean Dean's Office (303) 492-3089 Assistant Dean of Budget & Finance
Rabinowitz, Katie Career Development Office (303) 735-0310 Director of Law Firms
Ramirez, Judge Roberto Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Ramsey, Carolyn Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5028 Professor of Law
Ray, Jamie Korey Wise Innocence Project Faculty Fellow
Raynes, Thomas Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Readey, Michael Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Reference Desk, Library The Wise Law Library (303) 492-3522
Reid, Blake E. Clinical Education Program Associate Professor of Law
Rice, Chief Justice Nancy Faculty-Adjunct (303) 861-1111 Adjunct Faculty / Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court
Ritchie, Alex Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Robinson, Colene Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident, Juvenile & Family Law Program (303) 492-0166 Clinical Professor of Law
Co-Director of Juvenile and Family Law Program
Director of Clinical Programs
Rochette, Amanda Dean's Office, Operations and Finance (303) 492-3090 Assistant Director of Operations & Finance
Roellig, Mark Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Rogers, Todd Career Development Office (303) 492-6392 Assistant Dean for Career Development
Rogers, Trish Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Roithmayr, Daria Faculty-Resident (303) 492-3875 Professor
Rolland, Eden Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow (303) 492-2624 Visiting Legal Writing Assistant Professor
Romo, Carlos Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Ruckriegle, Heidi Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Ruhland, Trina Faculty-Adjunct Externship Adjunct Faculty
Ruskey, Nicholas Communications and Public Relations Video Production Specialist
Ryan, Maureen Faculty-Adjunct Thomson Visiting Professor
Safty, Mark Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Said, Wadie Faculty-Resident (303) 492-1526 Professor
Salazar, Emiliano American Indian Law Program, Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow AILP Fellow
Schieve, Alan Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-2552 Director of Admissions
Schlag, Pierre Faculty-Resident (303) 492-3110 University Distinguished Professor &
Byron R. White Professor of Law
Schnittgrund, Sara Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-0441 Director of Student Programs, Silicon Flatirons Center
Schwartz, Andrew Faculty-Resident (303) 492-8724 Professor of Law
Segil, Jeanne Korey Wise Innocence Project (303) 735-9804 Staff Attorney, Korey Wise Innocence Project
Seibold, Effie Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Seney, Lauren The Wise Law Library (303) 492-7312 Associate Director and Head of Resource Access & Discovery
Sergent, Shandea J. Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Sheldon, Karin P. Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Simmons, Julie Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Simon, Peter N. Faculty-Emeritus Professor Emeritus
Skinner-Thompson, Jonathan Faculty-Resident (303) 492-1324 Associate Professor of Law
Affiliate Faculty
Graduate Certificate in Environmental Justice
Skinner-Thompson, Scott Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5294 Associate Professor of Law
Affiliate Faculty, LGBTQ Studies Program
Skivington, Dale Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Slaughter, Jonathan Information Technology (303) 735-4708 IT Support Professional
Slothouber, Jason Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Smith, Jennifer Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 735-0447 Assistant Director of Admissions
Snyder, Jr., Will Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Sooter, Mary (Mindy) V. Faculty-Adjunct (303) 447-7767 Adjunct Faculty
Speck, Sloan Faculty-Resident (303) 492-9856 Associate Professor of Law
Spencer, Doug Faculty-Resident (303) 735-2086 Professor
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Research
Squillace, Mark Faculty-Resident, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-1287 Professor of Law
Raphael J. Moses Professor of Law
Stafford, Gabrielle Marks Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6192 Teaching Professor
Stafford, Todd M. Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5090 Legal Writing Professor
Stanton, Christina Clinical Education Program (303) 735-2117 Clinical Professor
Stark, David W. Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Stirts, Lila Dean's Office (303) 492-3084 Executive Assistant to the Dean
Stone, Niko Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-3825 Admissions Coordinator
Sturgeon, Shannon Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 735-5034 Silicon Flatirons Event Coordinator
Sullivan, Jennifer Dean's Office, Faculty-Resident (303) 735-8527 Teaching Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean of Strategic Initiatives
Surden, Harry Faculty-Resident, Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-7840 Professor of Law
Sutton, Kathleen Snow Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Taylor, Melinda Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Thompson, Jane Faculty-Emeritus Senior Instructor Emeritus
Thurber, Ryan Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Todd, Tiffany Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Tonini, David Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Travers, Art Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-8436 Professor Emeritus
Trethewey, Nancy Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Trujillo, Tamara Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Twigger, Kelly Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Tymkovich, Judge Tim Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Van Deusen, Sara Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Vigil, Georgette Development Office (303) 492-6678 Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Outreach
Waggoner, Michael J. Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-3088 Associate Professor of Law
Wayne, Lisa Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Weddle, Jennifer Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Weiner, Michael Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Weiser, Philip J. Faculty-Adjunct, Silicon Flatirons Center Adjunct Faculty & Dean Emeritus of the University of Colorado Law School
Wells, Todd Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Wesson, Marianne Faculty-Emeritus Professor Emeritus
Wherren, AnnaKatherine The Wise Law Library Access Services Librarian
White, Ahmed Faculty-Resident (303) 735-0138 Professor of Law and
Nicholas Rosenbaum Professor of Law Chair
Widoff, Joshua Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Wilkinson, Charles Faculty-Adjunct, Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-8262 Professor Emeritus
Winter, Chris Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 735-4552 Executive Director, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment
Witt, Laurel Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Wynn, Lionel Information Technology (303) 735-4737 Lead IT Support Professional
Yates, Bob Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Zamudio, Marissa Development Office (303) 735-0154 Development Assistant for Advancement
Zinn, Eric Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty