Faculty & Staff Directory

Name Department Phone Title
Anaya, S. James Dean's Office, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-3084 Dean and University Distinguished Professor
Anderson, Robert Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow (303) 735-4441 Visiting Professor
Appel, Garry Faculty-Adjunct (303) 297-9800 Adjunct Faculty
Armknecht, Carrie Clinical Education Program (303) 492-9510 Clinical Programs Manager
Ballantine, Jay Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Barbera, Nicole Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Operations Director
Bauer, Amy Faculty-Adjunct, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-1302 Legal Writing Professor
Benhalim, Rabea Faculty-Resident (303) 735-8940 Associate Professor
Berger, Michael Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Bernthal, J. Brad Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident, Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-0610 Associate Professor of Law
Blackmer, Kyle Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Blattner, Jeffrey Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Bloom, Frederic Faculty-Resident (303) 492-3860 Professor of Law
Boothby, Ashley Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Boster, Kayla Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation Business Services Program Manager, Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation
Bouck, Jason Development Office (303) 735-3689 Senior Director of Development
Boyd, John Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Brantz, David Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Briscoe, Georgia K. Faculty-Emeritus
Brodsky, Judge Elizabeth Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Brown, Judge Elizabeth Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Brown, Kelly Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-6976 Acting Managing Director & Marketing Director, Silicon Flatirons Center
Bruce, Teresa Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5002 Legal Writing Professor
Bruff, Harold Faculty-Emeritus (303) 735-3536 Nicholas Rosenbaum Professor of Law
Brunet Marks, Alexia Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6065 Associate Professor of Law
Bulmer, Peter Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Burnett, Nan Waller Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Burr, Mike Information Technology (303) 735-7658 Application & Web Developer
Calhoun, Emily Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-7592 Professor of Law
Callison, William Faculty-Adjunct Thomson Visiting Professor
Camillieri, Giancarlo Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation Fellow, Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation
Campos, Paul F. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6053 Professor of Law
Cantrell, Deborah Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5289 Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Programs
Schaden Chair in Experiential Learning,
Carey, Juli Dean's Office (303) 492-8049 HR Manager
Carpenter, Kristen A. American Indian Law Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6526 Council Tree Professor of Law
Director of the American Indian Law Program
Carter, Cynthia Faculty Coordinator Office Faculty Coordinator
Chandler, Chemaine Faculty Coordinator Office (303) 492-3096 Faculty Coordinator
Chapin, Violeta Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5830 Clinical Professor of Law
Chayet, Marco Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Chen, Ming Hsu Faculty-Resident (303) 492-8398 Associate Professor of Law
Courtesy Appointment in Political Science
Ethnic Studies Faculty Affiliate
Faculty-Director, Immigration and Citizenship Law Program
Clark, Jamie Dean's Office (303) 735-6335 Administrative Assistant III Dean's Suite
Coberly, Teresa Information Technology (303) 492-5323 IT Support Manager
Colagrosso, Matthew Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Collins, Richard B. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5493 Professor of Law
Connolly, Brian Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Copple, Vanessa Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-9009 Silicon Flatirons Event Manager
Corbridge, James Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-8436 Professor Emeritus
Counselor, Financial Aid Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-0647 Financial Aid Counselor
Crain, Jared Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Cronin Woodward, Caitlin Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Cruz-Abrams, Carlos Faculty-Adjunct (303) 672-0105 Adjunct Faculty
Cupp, Delilah Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation Business Services Professional, Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation
Curfman, Chelsea Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Cushing, Matthew Dean's Office, Faculty-Adjunct (303) 735-6554 Director of Executive and Community Learning Programs
Daniel, Darla Faculty-Adjunct (303) 864-7209 Adjunct Faculty
Daniels, Alison Butler Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Das, Rishi Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation Senior Professional Research Assistant, Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation
Datz, Caryn Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
DeForest, Denise Dean's Office, Faculty-Resident (303) 735-7467 Director for Academic Support and Instructor
Delgado, Yesenia Dean's Office (303) 492-8048 Events Manager
Dell, Kelly Development Office (303) 492-1744 Associate Director of Development
Desautels-Stein, Justin Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5058 Associate Professor of Law
Dimock, Whiting Dean's Office, Student Affairs (303) 492-8259 Senior Assistant Dean for Students
Drane, Nicole Faculty Coordinator Office (303) 492-1057 Manager of Faculty Support
DuPont, David Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Edwards, Margot Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Elder, Steven The Wise Law Library (303) 492-5651 Library Technician
Elliff, Judge Eric Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
England, Ann Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-0285 Clinical Professor of Law
Fero, Jonathan Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Fields, Connie The Wise Law Library (303) 492-5813 Library Technician
Fiflis, Ted J. Faculty-Emeritus Professor of Law
Finn, Judge Sean Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Flynn, Roger Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Fogleman, Annie Career Development Office (303) 492-3513 Program & Marketing Coordinator
Foley, Judge Maurice B. Faculty-Adjunct Thomson Visiting Professor
Foley, Shannon Registrar's Office (303) 492-1865 Registrar
Fontana, Lauren Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Francis, John A. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-1848 Instructor
Fredericks, Carla American Indian Law Program, Clinical Education Program (303) 492-7079 Associate Clinical Professor and Director of the Indian Law Clinic
Director, American Indian Law Program
Fulton, Marci Career Development Office (303) 492-7015 Assistant Dean for Employer Relations and Outreach
Funk, T. Markus Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Furman, Patrick Faculty-Adjunct, Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-2638 Clinical Professor Emeritus
Galvez Castrillo, Laura Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow Fellow
García, Kristelia Faculty-Resident (303) 735-6618 Associate Professor of Law
Gazur, Wayne M. Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-7013 Emeritus Professor of Law
Gebhardt, Kathleen Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Gerding, Erik Faculty-Resident (303) 492-4899 Professor of Law
Gifford, Raymond Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Giulianelli, Karma Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Gordon, Matthew Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Grassgreen, Randi Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Green, Lisa Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Greenwood, Gregory Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Executive Director
Griffin, Amy J. Faculty-Resident (303) 735-0525 Associate Dean for Instructional Development
Grote Stoutenburg, Jenny Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Gruber, Aya Faculty-Resident (303) 492-8441 Professor of Law
Guarino, Julia Clinical Education Program (303) 492-1324 Visiting Clinical Professor and Interim Director of the Natural Resources Law Clinic
Gunning, Robert Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Guruswamy, Lakshman D. Faculty-Resident, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 735-0181 Nicholas Doman Professor of International Environmental Law & International Energy Programs GWC
Guzman, Fernando Dean's Office (303) 492-4332 Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Excellence
Hall, Megan Faculty-Resident (303) 492-8615 Legal Writing Professor
Hanlon Leh, Natalie Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Hart, Justice Melissa Faculty-Adjunct (303) 735-6344 Adjunct Faculty
Hartley, Sarah Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Hatfield, Dale Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow, Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-6648 Executive Fellow, Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship
hazell, Norman F. Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-6602 Clinical Professor Emeritus
Hedderman, Margaret Silicon Flatirons Center StartUp Colorado Events and Communications Coordinator
Hendricks, Jennifer S. Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5453 Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Juvenile and Family Law Program
Herda, Alicia Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Hershey, Heather The Wise Law Library (303) 492-6083 Digital Services and Archives Librarian
Hershey, Kari Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Hill, David S. Faculty-Emeritus Professor Emeritus
Hilson, John Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Hofmann, Marcia Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Holleman, Andrew Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Horowitz, Emily Faculty-Adjunct, Schaden Experiential Learning Program (303) 735-4529 Director of Experiential Learning & Public Service Programs / Adjunct Faculty
Hotz, Alex Dean's Office (303) 492-4940 General Laborer
Howitt, Deborah Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Huang, Peter H. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-4536 Professor and DeMuth Chair
Hughes, Kelly Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Events and Community Relations Coordinator
Hunt, Jennifer H. Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Hyde, Matt Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Hynes, J. Dennis Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-8436 Professor Emeritus
Ilseng, Jimmy Dean's Office (303) 735-7056 International Programs Director
Ilseng, Kelly Faculty Coordinator Office (303) 492-5006 Assistant Manager of Faculty Support
Ireland, Julie Career Development Office (303) 492-8651 Office Assistant
Jackson, Kristine M. Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-7085 Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid
Jacobs, Sharon Faculty-Resident (303) 735-6694 Associate Professor of Law
Jacobs, Tilman Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Johnson, Victoria Dean's Office (303) 492-0525 Finance & Faculty Affairs Professional
Johnson, Zach Registrar's Office, Student Affairs (303) 492-8521 Student Services Coordinator
Jones, Judge Bruce Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Jones, Kerri The Wise Law Library (303) 492-6229 Library Technician
Kaminski, Margot Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5218 Associate Professor of Law
Katirai, Negar Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Katz, Judson Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Katzman, Alonit Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Kay, Melanie Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at Colorado Law, Faculty-Resident (303) 735-7781 Director for Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative and Instructor
Keating, Delaney Silicon Flatirons Center Startup Colorado Program Director
Kenney, Douglas S. Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-1296 Senior Research Associate, Getches-Wilkinson Natural Resources Law Center
Director of the GWC Western Water Policy Program
Kiernan-Johnson, Derek H. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5863 Legal Writing Professor
Klemme, Howard Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-7171 Professor Emeritus
Knearl, Julia Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Koehn, Jacqueline Law Journals, Schaden Experiential Learning Program (303) 492-6741 Student Journals & Competitions Coordinator
Konnoth, Craig Faculty-Resident (303) 735-6397 Associate Professor of Law
Krakoff, Sarah Faculty-Resident, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-2641 Moses Lasky Professor of Law
Kramer, Bruce Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Kropf, Ramsey Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Kupfner, Kenneth Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
LaBarre, Shaun Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-1286 Deputy Director, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment
Lazore-Thompson, Danielle American Indian Law Program, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-1281 American Indian Law Program Fellow
Lebsack, John Faculty-Adjunct (303) 824-4309 Adjunct Faculty
Lechner, Tracy Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Lee, G. Patrick Dean's Office (303) 735-6601 Dean's Fellow
Levin, Benjamin Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5981 Associate Professor of Law
Levy, Marc Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Lindstadt, Stanley Silicon Flatirons Center Startup Colorado Regional Assistant Program Director, Eastern Plains
Linz, Robert The Wise Law Library (303) 492-2504 Associate Director and Head of Public Services
Loewenstein, Mark J. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-7102 Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs
Monfort Professor of Commercial Law
Logan, Michele Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at Colorado Law (303) 735-8323 Professional Program Coordinator
Madden, Alice Faculty-Adjunct, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-1288 Executive Director of Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment
Malveaux, Suzette Byron R. White Center, Faculty-Resident (303) 735-6954 Provost Professor of Civil Rights Law and Director of The Byron R. White Center for the Study of American Constitutional Law
Mangum, David Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Marchesi, Karen The Wise Law Library (303) 492-4945 Administrative Assistant, Law Library
Marcum, Radha Silicon Flatirons Center Temporary Staff
Mariotti, Nate Silicon Flatirons Center Operations Director, Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship
Martin, Heather Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-5442 Program Coordinator, Silicon Flatirons Center
Martinez, Kristy Faculty-Adjunct (303) 492-2640 Adjunct Faculty
McAtee-Sjostrom, Bridget Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-3092 Assistant Director, Admissions
McCabe, Judith Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation
McCaskill, Alexia Career Development Office (303) 492-5911 Senior Director for Professional Development
McKee, Christopher Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
McKee, John Career Development Office (303) 735-6175 Director for Government & Public Interest
Mendelson, Jason A. Faculty-Adjunct (303) 642-4080 Adjunct Faculty
Merced Lopez, Floribel The Wise Law Library (303) 492-5966 Library Technician
Miles, Jim Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Millard, Kevin Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Miller, Scott Faculty-Adjunct (303) 492-3708 Adjunct Faculty
Mix, Judge Kristen L. Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Moore, Jake Registrar's Office, Student Affairs (303) 492-6755 Student Services Assistant
Moss, Scott Faculty-Adjunct, Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5374 Professor of Law
Mountin, Zachary Clinical Education Program (303) 735-8762 Associate Clinical Professor
Moyes, Anne-Marie Korey Wise Innocence Project (303) 492-2640 Program Director, Korey Wise Innocence Project
Mueller, Christopher B. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6973 Henry S. Lindsley Professor of Procedure and Advocacy
Nagel, Robert F. Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-8428 Rothgerber Professor of Constitutional Law
Najera, Cameron Dean's Office (303) 492-5417 Executive Assistant for Faculty Affairs
Netkin-Collins, Nicole Career Development Office (303) 492-1488 Director for Law Firms
Nevelow Mart, Susan The Wise Law Library (303) 492-1233 Professor and Director of the Law Library
Nice, Nicole Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Nichols, Peter Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Norton, Helen Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5751 Professor and Ira C. Rothgerber, Jr. Chair in Constitutional Law
O'Neil, Carrie Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
O'Rourke, Patrick Faculty-Adjunct (303) 860-5691 Adjunct Faculty
Okamoto, Karl Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow Visiting Professor
Olivia, Keith M. Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Oltmans, Curt Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Orian Peer, Nadav Faculty-Resident (303) 735-8849 Associate Professor
Osterman, Zoe Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow Research Fellow, First Peoples Investment Engagement Program
Pakdel, Kian The Wise Law Library Law Library Fellow
Pappas, Valeri Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Parks, Lisa Development Office (303) 492-0360 Development Assistant
Peppet, Scott R. Faculty-Resident (303) 735-0818 Professor of Law, Wolf-Getches Fellow
Philip, Gordon Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Pizzi, William T. Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-6470 Emeritus Faculty
Plotkin, Bruce Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Policastri, Joan The Wise Law Library (303) 492-2706 Collection Services and Research Librarian
Polk, Dennis Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Price, Cortney Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Pritchard, Luke Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation Senior Program Officer, Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation
Quinlan, Sean Dean's Office (303) 492-3089 Senior Director of Budget & Finance
Racanelli, Vito A. Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Ramey, Edward Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Ramirez, Judge Roberto Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Ramsey, Carolyn Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5028 Professor of Law
Rathod, Siddhartha Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Raynes, Thomas Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Readey, Michael Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Reference Desk, Library The Wise Law Library (303) 492-3522
Reid, Blake E. Clinical Education Program (303) 492-0548 Associate Clinical Professor
Reynolds, Timothy Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Rice, Chief Justice Nancy Faculty-Adjunct (303) 861-1111 Adjunct Faculty / Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court
Ritchie, Alex Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Robinson, Colene Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident, Juvenile & Family Law Program (303) 492-0166 Clinical Professor of Law and Co-Director of Juvenile and Family Law Program
Robinson, Kari Dean's Office, Operations and Finance (303) 492-8040 Business Services Manager, Dean's Office
Rochette, Amanda Dean's Office, Operations and Finance (303) 492-3090 Assistant Director of Operations & Finance
Rogers, Todd Career Development Office (303) 492-6392 Assistant Dean for Career Development
Rogers, Trish Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Rosenthal, Jennifer Faculty-Adjunct (303) 672-0119 Adjunct Faculty
Ross, Isaac Development Office (303) 492-3093 Student Assistant
Ross, Maureen Clinical Education Program (303) 735-8187 Clinical Programs Legal Assistant
Rotan, Kelly Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-3825 Admissions Coordinator
Roth, Julia S. Communications and Public Relations, Dean's Office (303) 492-7598 Director of Marketing and Communications
Rowe, Kerri-Ann The Wise Law Library (303) 492-4795 Student Services and Outreach Librarian
Ruskey, Nicholas Information Technology Video Production Specialist
Ryan, Maureen Faculty-Adjunct Thomson Visiting Professor
Safty, Mark Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Sanders, Peter Development Office (303) 492-0752 Assistant Dean for Advancement
Sanders, Taylor Silicon Flatirons Center Startup Colorado Western Slope Regional Assistant Program Director
Sandgrund, Ron Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Scanlan Lyons, Colleen Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation Co-Director, Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation
Schaalman, Michael Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Schenter, Melissa Dean's Office (303) 492-8770 Faculty Events Coordinator
Schieve, Alan Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-2552 Associate Director, Admissions
Schlag, Pierre Faculty-Resident (303) 492-3110 University Distinguished Professor &
Byron R. White Professor of Law
Schnittgrund, Sara Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-0441 Director of Student Programs, Silicon Flatirons Center
Schwalb, Micah Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Schwartz, Andrew Faculty-Resident (303) 492-8724 Professor of Law
Schwarz, Sarah Student Affairs (303) 735-7769 Psychologist
Selden, Karen The Wise Law Library (303) 492-7535 Metadata Services Librarian
Seney, Lauren The Wise Law Library Associate Director and Head of Technical Services
Sheldon, Karin P. Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Sherwinter, Daniel Faculty-Adjunct (720) 562-5511 Adjunct Faculty
Sibray, Jon Information Technology (303) 492-6119 Senior IT Director
Simon, Peter N. Faculty-Emeritus Professor Emeritus
Siqueira, Michelle Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation Associate Director of Events & Outreach, Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation
Skinner-Thompson, Jonathan Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Skinner-Thompson, Scott Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5294 Associate Professor of Law
Affiliate Faculty, LGBTQ Studies Program
Skivington, Dale Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Smith, Sondra Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Sooter, Mary (Mindy) V. Faculty-Adjunct (303) 447-7767 Adjunct Faculty
Spader, Jay Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Spain Bradley, Anna Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6204 Professor of Law
Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity and Development
Speck, Sloan Faculty-Resident (303) 492-9856 Associate Professor of Law
Squillace, Mark Faculty-Resident, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-1287 Professor of Law
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Research
Raphael J. Moses Professor of Law
Stafford, Gabrielle Marks Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6192 Legal Writing Professor
Stafford, Todd M. Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5090 Legal Writing Professor
Stark, David W. Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Staudenmayer, Jeffrey Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Stepanovich, Amie Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 735-5137 Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship
Stirts, Lila Dean's Office (303) 492-3084 Executive Assistant to the Dean
Stockwell, Mark Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Stras, Marcy Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Stricklin, Cliff Faculty-Adjunct (303) 866-0372 Adjunct Faculty
Stromberg, Wallis Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Sturgeon, Jill The Wise Law Library (303) 492-2704 Instructional Services and Research Librarian
Sullivan, Jennifer Dean's Office (303) 735-8527 Senior Assistant Dean for Administration and Program Development
Surden, Harry Faculty-Resident, Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-7840 Associate Professor of Law
Swain, Hunter Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Taylor, Melinda Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Thompson, Jane The Wise Law Library (303) 492-2705 Associate Director of Faculty Services and Research
Travers, Art Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-8436 Professor Emeritus
Trujillo, Tamara Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Turner, Shawn Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Tymkovich, Judge Tim Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Vigil, Georgette Development Office (303) 492-6678 Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Outreach
Wadhwa, Jennifer Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Waggoner, Michael J. Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-3088 Associate Professor of Law
Wayne, Lisa Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Weber, Matthew Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Weiner, Michael Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Weiser, Philip J. Faculty-Adjunct, Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 735-2733 Adjunct Faculty & Dean Emeritus of the University of Colorado Law School
Welle, Elaine Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Wells, Todd Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Wesson, Marianne Faculty-Emeritus Professor Emeritus
White, Ahmed Faculty-Resident (303) 735-0138 Professor of Law and
Nicholas Rosenbaum Professor of Law Chair
Widner, Robert Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Widoff, Joshua Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Wilkinson, Charles Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-8262 Professor Emeritus
Wilson, Douglas Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Wilson, Robin Fretwell Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow (303) 492-0763 Visiting Professor
Wynn, Lionel Information Technology (303) 735-2540 IT Technician
Yates, Bob Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Yazgulian, Kathryn Faculty Coordinator Office (303) 735-8352 Faculty Coordinator
Zafiratos, Matt The Wise Law Library (303) 735-2541 Library Technician
Zinn, Eric Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow Visiting Professor