William T. Pizzi

Emeritus Faculty
Criminal Law and Procedure; Comparative Law

401 UCB
2450 Kittredge Loop Drive
Wolf Law Building
Boulder, CO  80309-0401
Office: 400A
Phone: (303) 492-6470
E-mail: william.pizzi@colorado.edu

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Educational Background:
M.A.   University of Massachusetts   1971  
J.D.   Harvard Law School   1971   cum laude
A.B.   Holy Cross College   1965  
William Pizzi has been a member of the Colorado Law School faculty since 1975. He came to Colorado in 1975, after spending a few years as Assistant U.S. Attorney in New Jersey. He specializes in criminal law, with special interest in foreign criminal trial systems. Professor Pizzi's belief in the comparative study of law has compelled him to coordinate many of the law school's study abroad programs, and he recently served as a professor on the Semester-at-Sea program. Professor Pizzi has always been active in Colorado's legal community, working on the Colorado Bar Association's Ethics Committee and, most recently, serving as the reporter for the Governor's Columbine Review Commission. His task was to take the information from more than a year of meetings, testimony and interviews, and put together a cohesive report. He worked to produce the report with help from other members of the commission, while continuing his regular teaching schedule at Colorado Law School. "It was a very difficult task, because there was no model to follow. It was very much a team effort," Professor Pizzi said of the report. He was pleased with the results of the commission and said, "I'm proud of the recommendations that will help make Colorado schools safer."

Published Books

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Book Chapters

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