Faculty & Staff Directory

Name    Department Phone Title
Aaronson, Norman F. Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6602 Clinical Professor Emeritus
Ahrendt, Kelly Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-6976 Temporary Aide
Avelis, Diana Faculty Assistants (303) 492-5006 Faculty Assistant
Banks, Britt Faculty-Adjunct, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-1288 Executive Director, Getches-Wilkinson Center
Bauer, Amy Faculty-Resident (303) 492-1302 Legal Writing Professor
Beck, Erik The Wise Law Library (303) 492-4869 Digital Services Librarian
Beety, Valena Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow (303) 492-1848 Visiting Scholar in Residence
Bernthal, J. Brad Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident, Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-0610 Associate Professor of Law
Bloom, Frederic Faculty-Resident (303) 492-3860 Associate Professor
Bowers, Charlie Faculty Assistants (303) 492-9464 Administrative Assistant II
Boyd, William Faculty-Resident (303) 492-7320 Associate Professor of Law
Briscoe, Georgia K. The Wise Law Library (303) 492-7312 Associate Director & Head of Technical Services
Brock, Chris Dean's Office (303) 492-9670 Research Fellow
Bruff, Harold Faculty-Resident (303) 735-3536 Nicholas Rosenbaum Professor of Law
Brunet Marks, Alexia Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6065 Associate Professor of Law
Calhoun, Emily Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-7592 Professor of Law
Campos, Paul F. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6053 Professor of Law
Canner, Alan Faculty-Resident Legal Writing Professor
Cantrell, Deborah Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5289 Associate Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Programs
Carpenter, Kristen A. American Indian Law Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6526 Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Research
Chapin, Violeta Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5830 Associate Clinical Professor of Law
Chayet, Marco Faculty-Adjunct Faculty Adjunct
Chen, Ming Hsu Faculty-Resident (303) 492-8398 Associate Professor
Courtesy appointment in Political Science
Coberly, Teresa The Wise Law Library (303) 492-4711 Library Technician
Collins, Richard B. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5493 Professor of Law
Copeland, Robyn The Wise Law Library (303) 492-4795 Library Technician
Corbridge, James Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-8436 Professor Emeritus
Cotter, Charles Faculty-Adjunct Counsel
Counselor, Financial Aid Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-0647 Financial Aid Counselor
Cox, Tyler Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-0466 Research Fellow
Craft, Nicole Development Office (303) 492-0360 Development Assistant
Cunningham, Meri Dean's Office (303) 492-0525 Accounting Technician
Davis-Oliva, Jennifer Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow (303) 735-5717 Visiting Scholar in Residence
Delaney, Peggy J. Operations and Finance (303) 492-3089 Budget and Finance Director
Delva, John Dean's Office, Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-7568 Fellow
Desautels-Stein, Justin Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5058 Associate Professor of Law
Dougherty, Michael Faculty-Adjunct Faculty Adjunct
Drane, Nicole Faculty Assistants (303) 492-1057 Faculty Assistant
Elder, Steven The Wise Law Library (303) 492-5651 Library Technician
England, Ann Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-0285 Clinical Professor of Law
Evans, Andy Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-0441 Research Fellow
Fields, Connie The Wise Law Library (303) 492-5813 Library Technician
Fiflis, Ted J. Faculty-Emeritus Professor of Law
Finn, Sean Faculty-Adjunct Faculty Adjunct
Flynn, Roger Faculty-Adjunct (303) 823-5738 Adjunct Faculty
Francis, Kerryn The Wise Law Library (303) 492-5966 Library Techician II, Acquisitions Assistant
Fredericks, Carla American Indian Law Program, Clinical Education Program (303) 492-7079 Associate Clinical Professor and Director of the Indian Law Clinic
Director, American Indian Law Program
Fulton, Marci Alumni Relations (303) 492-7015 Assistant Dean for Outreach, Engagement, and Alumni Relations
Furman, Patrick Faculty-Adjunct, Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-2638 Clinical Professor Emeritus
García, Kristelia A. Faculty-Resident (303) 735-6618 Associate Professor of Law
Gazur, Wayne M. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-7013 Professor of Law
Gerding, Erik Faculty-Resident (303) 492-4899
Goldberg, Ellen Development Office (303) 735-3689 Director of Development
Gorsuch, Judge Neil Faculty-Adjunct (303) 335-2800 Thomson Visiting Professor
Grassgreen, Randi Faculty-Adjunct (303) 442-4447 Adjunct Faculty
Green, Lisa Faculty-Adjunct (303) 444-9500 Adjunct Faculty
Griffin, Amy Faculty-Resident (303) 735-0525 Student Legal Writing Engagement Coordinator
Gruber, Aya Faculty-Resident (303) 492-8441 Professor of Law
Guarino, Julia Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment Getches Fellow
Guendelman, Andrea Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Guruswamy, Lakshman D. Faculty-Resident, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 735-0181 Nicholas Doman Professor of International Environmental Law &
Director of the Center for Energy & Environmental Security (CEES)
Hall, Courtney The Wise Law Library Serials Technician
Hanlon-Leh, Natalie Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Harrell, Nickholas The Wise Law Library (303) 492-4649 Student Services and Outreach Librarian
Harris, SuSaNi Dean's Office (303) 492-4332 Senior Director for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence
Hart, Melissa Byron R. White Center, Faculty-Resident (303) 735-6344 Professor of Law, Director of the Byron R. White Center
Hasen, David Faculty-Resident (303) 492-9684 Associate Professor of Law
Hatfield, Dale Faculty-Adjunct, Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-6648 Senior Fellow, Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship
Headd, Rex Information Technology (303) 492-5323 Assistant IT Director / Web Developer
Heilbronner, Sue Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Helm, Kelleigh Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment GWC Research Associate
Hendricks, Jennifer S. Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5453 Associate Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Juvenile and Family Law Program
Hernandez, Carly Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-8928 GCF Staff Member
Hershey, Kari Faculty-Adjunct (303) 226-1680 Adjunct Faculty
Hill, David S. Faculty-Emeritus Professor Emeritus
Hoke, Jodie Clinical Education Program (303) 492-9510 Legal Clinics Manager
Horn, Claudia Dean's Office (303) 492-5417 Assistant to the Dean - External
Hotz, Alex Dean's Office (303) 492-4940 General Laborer
Huang, Audrey Clinical Education Program (303) 492-1324 Associate Clinical Professor
Huang, Peter H. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-4536 Professor and DeMuth Chair
Hunerwadel, Kristine Registrar's Office (303) 492-8521 Student Services Coordinator
Hunt, Jennifer H. Faculty-Adjunct (303) 291-2505 Shareholder
Hynes, J. Dennis Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-8436 Professor Emeritus
Jackson, Kristine M. Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-7085 Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid
Jacobs, Sharon Faculty-Resident (303) 735-6694 Associate Professor of Law
Jacobs, Tilman Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow (303) 735-6578
Jampolsky, Jacquelyn Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment Getches-Wilkinson Center Wyss Fellow
Jimenez, Lauren Dean's Office Assistant to the Dean - Internal
Johnson, Bruce Faculty-Adjunct Faculty Adjunct
Jones, Kerri The Wise Law Library (303) 492-6229 Library Technician
Kenney, Douglas S. Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-1296 Senior Research Associate, Getches-Wilkinson Natural Resources Law Center
Director of the GWC Western Water Policy Program
Kiernan-Johnson, Derek H. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5863 Legal Writing Professor and Director, Legal Writing Program
Klemme, Howard Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-7171 Professor Emeritus
Knight, Angela Dean's Office (303) 492-8049 Personnel Director
Krakoff, Sarah Faculty-Resident (303) 492-2641 Professor of Law, Wolf-Nichol Fellowship
LaBarre, Shaun Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-1286 Program Coordinator
Leary, Whiting Dimock Dean's Office, Student Affairs (303) 492-8259 Senior Assistant Dean for Students
Linz, Robert The Wise Law Library (303) 492-2504 Associate Director and Head of Public Services
Loewenstein, Mark J. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-7102 Associate Dean for Faculty Development
Monfort Professor of Commercial Law
Loudin, Hannah Silicon Flatirons Center Program Director
MacDonnell, Lawrence Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Mack, Natalie Faculty-Resident (303) 492-1181 Legal Writing Professor
Marchesi, Karen The Wise Law Library (303) 492-4945 Administrative Assistant, Law Library
Matthew, Dayna Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5717 Professor of Law
McAtee-Sjostrom, Bridget Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-3825 Admissions Coordinator
McCaskill, Alexia Career Development Office (303) 492-5911 Director for Government and Public Interest
McKee, Christopher Faculty-Adjunct, Schaden Experiential Learning Program (303) 492-6562 Director of the Schaden Experiential Learning & Public Service Programs
Melendo, Mariano Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow Visiting Scholar in Residence
Mendelson, Jason A. Faculty-Adjunct (303) 642-4080 Adjunct Faculty
Mills, Jack Faculty-Adjunct (303) 443-7770 Adjunct Faculty
Mooz, Bill Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow (303) 492-8406 Visiting Scholar in Residence
Morriss, Sandra Career Development Office, Registrar's Office (303) 492-3513 Administrative Assistant II
Moss, Scott Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5374 Professor of Law
Mueller, Christopher B. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6973 Henry S. Lindsley Professor of Procedure and Advocacy
Murdock, Rebecca Faculty Assistants (303) 492-3096 Administrative Assistant II
Nagel, Robert F. Faculty-Resident (303) 492-8428 Rothgerber Professor of Constitutional Law
Nania, Julie Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment Fellow
Nevelow Mart, Susan The Wise Law Library (303) 492-1233 Director of the Law Library and Associate Professor
Norton, Helen Faculty-Resident (303) 492-5751 Associate Professor of Law
Noschese, Anna Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 735-5633 Project Manager, Silicon Flatirons Center
O'Rourke, Patrick Faculty-Adjunct (303) 860-5691 Adjunct Faculty
Ohm, Paul Faculty-Resident, Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-0384 Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Associate Professor of Law
Olivia, Keith M. Faculty-Adjunct (720) 210-5447 Founder
Oransky, Genevieve Development Office (303) 492-1657 Program Manager for Development
Peppet, Scott R. Faculty-Resident (303) 735-0818 Professor of Law
Peterson, Amelia Chizwala Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-3322 GCF Senior Research Associate
Research Faculty, University of Colorado
Pizzi, William T. Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-6470 Emeritus Faculty
Policastri, Joan The Wise Law Library (303) 492-2706 Collection Services and Research Librarian
Ramsey, Carolyn Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5028 Professor of Law
Reference Desk, Library The Wise Law Library (303) 492-3522
Reid, Blake E. Clinical Education Program (303) 492-0548 Assistant Clinical Professor
Reiff, Gary Faculty-Adjunct Adjunct Faculty
Rice, Chief Justice Nancy Faculty-Adjunct (303) 861-1111 Adjunct Faculty / Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court
Roan, Ann M. Faculty-Adjunct (303) 764-1400 Adjunct Faculty
Robertson, Kaitlyn Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-3092 Associate Director of Admissions
Robinson, Colene Clinical Education Program, Faculty-Resident, Juvenile & Family Law Program (303) 492-0166 Clinical Professor of Law and Co-Director of Juvenile and Family Law Program
Robinson, Kari Dean's Office (303) 492-8040 Office Manager, Dean's Office
Rogers, Todd Career Development Office (303) 492-6392 Assistant Dean for Career Development
Rosen Felder, Corie Faculty-Resident (303) 492-2781 Legal Writing Professor
Russell, Dennis Operations and Finance (303) 492-3090 Director of Operations
Ryan, Maureen Faculty-Adjunct Thomson Visiting Professor
Safty, Mark Faculty-Adjunct Partner
Sandgrund, Ron Faculty-Adjunct Faculty Adjunct
Scanlan Lyons, Colleen Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-7252 GCF Project Director
Scanlon, Marc Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-3931 Fellow
Schieve, Alan Admissions & Financial Aid (303) 492-2552 Assistant Director of Admissions
Schlag, Pierre Faculty-Resident (303) 492-3110 Byron White Professor of Constitutional Law
Schmitz, Amy J. Faculty-Resident (303) 735-0285 Professor of Law
Schmitz, Joanna Dean's Office (303) 492-3084 Executive Assistant to Dean for Internal Affairs
Schnittgrund, Sara Law Journals, Schaden Experiential Learning Program (303) 492-6741 Journals Manager, Experiential Learning Program Assistant
Schultz, Lisa The Wise Law Library (303) 735-1867 Instructional Services and Research Librarian
Schwartz, Andrew Faculty-Resident (303) 492-8724 Associate Professor of Law
Searles, Mary Beth Development Office (303) 492-1215 Assistant Dean for Development
Segall, Marcia Development Office (303) 492-6678 Associate Director of Development
Selden, Karen The Wise Law Library (303) 492-7535 Metadata Services Librarian
Sheikh, Rachel Career Development Office (303) 492-1488 Director, Private Sector & Judicial Clerkships
Sheldon, Karin P. Faculty-Adjunct (303) 444-1888 Adjunct Faculty
Shi, Jackie Dean's Office, Operations and Finance (303) 492-2702 Accounting Professional
Shi, Jackie Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-1836 GWC Support Staff
Sibray, Jon Information Technology (303) 492-6119 IT Director
Sooter, Mary (Mindy) V. Faculty-Adjunct (303) 447-7767 Partner - Faegre Baker Daniels
Spain, Anna Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6204 Associate Professor of Law
Squillace, Mark Faculty-Resident, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-1287 Professor of Law and Director of the Natural Resources Law Center
Stafford, Gabrielle Marks Faculty-Resident (303) 492-6192 Legal Writing Professor
Stafford, Todd M. Faculty-Resident (303) 735-5090 Legal Writing Professor
Steuben, Norton Faculty-Emeritus Nicholas Rosenbaum Professor of Law, Emeritus
Stewart, Jamie Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-5442 Office Administrator Silicon Flatirons
Stirts, Lila Dean's Office (303) 492-8047 Administrative Assistant II, Dean's Office Front Desk
Surden, Harry Faculty-Resident (303) 492-7840 Associate Professor of Law
Teel Simmonds, Julie Faculty-Visitor, Scholar, Research Fellow, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (619) 990-2999 GFC Senior Research Associate
Thompson, Jane The Wise Law Library (303) 492-2705 Associate Director of Faculty Services and Research
Travers, Art Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-8436 Professor Emeritus
Trojanowski, Karen Career Development Office (303) 492-5137 Director for Alternative Careers & Graduate Advisor
Trujillo, Tamara Faculty-Adjunct, Faculty-Emeritus Faculty Adjunct
Uhl, Scott The Wise Law Library (303) 492-6083 Law Library Research Associate
Ungemah, Keri Communications and Public Relations, Dean's Office (303) 492-3124 Sr. Director of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives
Waggoner, Michael J. Faculty-Emeritus (303) 492-3088 Associate Professor of Law
Walker, Joshua Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (303) 492-3615 GCF Project Coordinator
Walker, Nancy Dean's Office (303) 492-6864 Executive Administrative Assistant
Walton, Maria Registrar's Office (303) 492-1865 Registrar
Wayne, Lisa Faculty-Adjunct (303) 860-1661 Adjunct Faculty
Weiser, Philip J. Dean's Office, Faculty-Resident (303) 492-3084 Dean
Wesson, Marianne Faculty-Resident (303) 492-7547 Professor of Law and President's Teaching Scholar, Schaden Chair for Experiential Learning
White, Ahmed Faculty-Resident (303) 735-0138 Professor of Law
Widner, Robert Faculty-Adjunct (303) 754-3399 Partner
Wilkinson, Charles Faculty-Resident (303) 492-8262 Distinguished Professor, Moses Lasky Professor of Law
Williams, Julie Ann Alumni Relations (303) 492-8048 Assistant Director of Events and Alumni Relations
Wills, Annie Career Development Office (303) 492-8651 Program & Marketing Coordinator
Woodworth-Lies, Cactus Silicon Flatirons Center (303) 492-9009 Office Administrator
Silicon Flatirons Center
Zafiratos, Matt The Wise Law Library (303) 735-2541 Library Technician