Departmental Directory
Dean's Office

University of Colorado Law School
UCB 401, Room 326R
Boulder, CO  80309

(303) 492-8047
Fax: (303) 492-1757

The Dean's Office suite houses the Office of the Dean, as well as of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Assistant Dean for Students and Professional Programs. In addition, the Development Office and Registrar are within this suite. All are located just off the landing on the third floor of the main stairway.


S. James Anaya Dean and Charles Inglis Thomson Professor
Meri Cunningham Accounting Technician
Denise DeForest Director for Academic Support
SuSaNi Harris Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence
Alex Hotz General Laborer
Alexandra Kinsella Special Assistant to the Dean for Program Development and Research
Angela Knight Sr. HR Director
Whiting Dimock Leary Senior Assistant Dean for Students
Jamie Mauck Receptionist
Deborah Prestianni Executive Assistant to the Dean for Faculty Affairs
Sean Quinlan Director of Budget & Finance
Kari Robinson Business Services Manager, Dean's Office
Joanna Schmitz Executive Assistant to Dean
Julia Sevy Program & Communications Manager
Jennifer Sullivan Senior Assistant Dean for Administration and Program Development
Keri Ungemah Sr. Director of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives
Nancy Walker Executive Assistant to the Dean for Faculty Affairs
Julie Ann Williams Assistant Director of Events and Alumni Relations
Amanda Rochette Manager of Business Operations and Finance