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Welcome to the Profiles page. Below you will find all of the faculty, staff, student, and alumnus profiles that appear throughout the CU Law web site. Click photographs below to view complete profiles. We hope these profiles give you a sense of CU Law by acquainting you with our greatest resource: the people who work at and attend our law school.

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Faculty Profiles     
Barbara Bintliff
Law Library Resources, Library Technology
Richard B. Collins
Constitutional & Indian Law
H. Patrick Furman
Criminal Clinics
Clare Huntington
Family Law, Immigration
Christopher B. Mueller
Evidence, Civil Procedure, Litigation
Scott R. Peppet
ADR, Contracts & Ethics
Carolyn Ramsey
Criminal, Legal History, Gender Law & Public Policy
Pierre Schlag
Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Torts
Amy Schmitz
Contracts, Arbitration, Secured Transactions
Jane Thompson
CU Law Library, Faculty Services
Phil J. Weiser
Telecomm, IP & Antitrust
Ahmed White
Criminal, Labor and Employment, Critical Legal Studies

Administration & Staff Profiles     
Cindy Gibbons
Lorenzo Trujillo
Assistant Dean of Students & Professional Programs

Student Profiles     

No profiles exist for this category.

Alumnus Profiles     
Lucienne Boyd
Class of 2007
Judd Choate
Class of 2006
Crisanta Duran
Class of 2005
Todd Fredrickson
Class of 1991
Diane Lee
Class of 2006
Malcolm E. Sandy MacDougall
Class of 1962
Brian Mason
Class of 2006
Sarah Mercer
Class of 2007
Alison Ochs
Class of 2005
Siddhartha Rathod
Class of 2007
Katie Roenbaugh
Class of 2007
Laurie Rust
Class of 2006
Rita Sanzgiri
Class of 2006
Bonnie Sarkar
Class of 2007
Teresa Taylor Tate
Class of 2006