CU Law Profiles
Alumnus Profile

Todd Fredrickson

Class of 1991



Born in Plattsburg, New York; grew up in Chula Vista, California

Family Status

Married with two children

Undergraduate Institutions and Degrees

University of Colorado, BA in Political Science, 1987

Hobbies, Sports, or Extracurricular Passions

Cycling (Road; Mountain); my kids' sports

What were you doing before you came to the University of Colorado Law School?

Working at a local Hugh M. Woods building materials store.

What is one interesting, fun, or offbeat thing you have done in your lifetime?

Met my wife, Jen, the June before I started law school--we were married after I completed my second year.

About CU Law School

What piece of advice would you give a student about surviving being a 1L?

Study hard right out of the gates.

About Choosing A Law School

Why did you want to go to law school in general?

An influential high school teacher of mine pushed me in that direction.

What made you decide to come to the University of Colorado School of Law specifically?

Dan Vigil, the outstanding faculty, and the School's commitment to diversity.

What do you like most about attending the University of Colorado School of Law?

The personal relationships built over those three years.

What piece of advice would you give a prospective student about choosing a law school?

If you know the practice area you're interested in, pick a school with a strong blend of courses in that area. If undecided, pick a school with a broad curriculum and talented faculty.

About the Law School Curriculum

What was your favorite Law School class? Why?

Wills, Trusts, and Estates -- Wayne Gazur made a particularly dry subject very entertaining.

What student organizations have you been involved with at the Law School?

I was a member of the Hispanic Law Society, which provided the introduction to the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association. I was elected President of the CHBA in 1999.

Since Graduation

What did you do in the first three months following graduation from CU?

Studied for the bar, started my first job at Harding & Ogborn P.C.

What part of the country did you settle in and why?

Colorado -- self-explanatory.

What area of law do you/did you practice in, and why?

Labor and employment, defense/management side. It has great variety--litigation, teaching/training, day-to-day client counseling.

What have you found most fulfilling about that practice?

I love the constant interaction with clients and the emphasis on problem-solving.

What have you found least fulfilling about it, or would you change if you could?

Litigation, at times, is too adversarial--it's the setting where lawyers are often at their worst.

Have you remained close with your classmates and professors?

Yes, thanks especially to my work on the Law School Alumni Board.