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Faculty Profile

Richard B. Collins

Constitutional & Indian Law

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Hobbies, Sports, or Extracurricular Passions

Hiking, reading, choral singing, traveling

Favorite Book

Tale of Two Cities

Favorite Movie


What were you doing before you came to the University of Colorado Law School?

Staff attorney, Native American Rights Fund

What is one interesting, fun, or offbeat thing you have done in your lifetime?

Serving as "tour officer" for U.S.S. Boston

What do you consider to be one of your biggest accomplishments?

Montana v. Blackfeet Tribe (1985)

About Boulder

What do you like most about Boulder?

Natural surroundings

What do you like least about Boulder?

Its foreign policy

Favorite Place To Eat Out in Boulder


About CU Law School

Why did you decide to become a professor?

I enjoy teaching

What do you like most about teaching at CU?

The students

What area of law are you most interested in and why?

This has changed over time. Currently, direct democracy and Colorado government, law and religion, and law relating to American Indian land. The latter arose from law practice before teaching, the first from its importance in Colorado, and the second from teaching the First Amendment course and student interest.

Are you involved with any student organizations?

The only formal tie is service on the Indian Law Clinic advisory board. I have participated in events put on by NALSA, BALSA, and the Federalist Society

What piece of advice would you give a student about surviving being a 1L?

Keep up!

What piece of advice would you give a student about getting the most out of law school?

This is probably your last fling with the freedom of student life. Choose activities that stimulate your interest and curiosity.

What piece of advice would you give a 1L or 2L as they choose their 2L and 3L courses?

Consider all the variables--your interest in the subject, who is teaching it, its usefulness to your career plans. Don't follow a narrow career path.

About Choosing A Law School

What are the top three reasons that you think a prospective student should choose CU Law?

1. High quality of teaching, including student-teacher reciprocity
2. Excellent student body
3. Location, both city and university

What piece of advice would you give a prospective student about choosing a law school?

Think broadly--get as much information as possible about educational quality; where do you want to be; with whom?

About the Law School Curriculum

Could you describe each of the main classes that you teach, and give your explanation of what those classes are about?

Constitutional Law How current law emerged from American constitutional history, and the importance of structure

Property History and the role of lawyers in the law of property

Local Government The Colorado Constitution and local government

American Indian Law The place of Indian nations in our constitutional scheme


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Remember Kingsfield!