CU Law Profiles
Alumnus Profile

Siddhartha Rathod

Class of 2007





Born in New York, grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio

Family Status


Undergraduate Institutions and Degrees

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, BS Econ / HRM, 1999
Queens University of Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland
University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland

Hobbies, Sports, or Extracurricular Passions

Mountain Biking, Hiking, Camping

What were you doing before you came to the University of Colorado Law School?

I was a Captain in the United States Marine Corps stationed in Iwakuni, Japan.

What is one interesting, fun, or offbeat thing you have done in your lifetime?

My wife and I spent 5 months backpacking around South America traveling, camping, and studying Spanish.

About Boulder

Where do you live now (e.g., Boulder, Denver, etc.)?


Why did you choose to live there?

Closeness to the law school and proximity to open space.

What do you like most about Boulder?

Hiking off-leash with my dog in Boulder open space

What do you like least about Boulder?

The cost of living

What piece of advice would you give a student about moving to Boulder?

My wife and I found our place by driving around and looking at the different neighborhoods, we then saw a for rent sign and it was perfect. However if you are looking for a roommate, is a great site.

Favorite Place To Eat Out in Boulder

Sushi Tora
2014 10th Street
Boulder, CO 80302
About CU Law School

What piece of advice would you give a student about surviving being a 1L?

Work hard, be organized, and try and see the practical side of what you are learning and you will be fine.

About Choosing A Law School

Why did you want to go to law school in general?

I took a labor negotiations class in my undergraduate studies that peaked my interest in the law.

What made you decide to come to the University of Colorado School of Law specifically?

The small size, the environment, and the friendly nature of the school.

What do you like most about attending the University of Colorado School of Law?

The friendly nature of the students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

What area of law do you want to practice, and why?

I am not positive, but I think I am leaning towards labor/employment law and mediation / arbitration.

What piece of advice would you give a prospective student about choosing a law school?

Pick a school located in the region you want to practice law.

About Financial Assistance

Did you receive any financial aid, private loans, scholarships, or fellowships, and could you describe them?

I was fortunate to receive a small scholarship and also get a monthly stipend from the Montgomery GI Bill. Both help with the sting of out-of-state tuition.

If you are out-of-state, one of the great things about CU is that after one year you are eligible for in-state-tuition. This is one of the only schools in the nation that offers this, and it is great.

What advice would you give a prospective student about how to get financial aid or how to understand the system?

Read the website and submit your FASA as early as possible.

About the Law School Curriculum

What first year courses did you have?

Civ Pro-Mueller
Legal Writing G. Stafford
Appel Adv-G. Stafford
Crim Law-Reitz
Con Law-Eid

What was your favorite Law School class? Why?

Property with Professor Hill

What student organizations have you been involved with at the Law School?

President, Class of 2007
Secretary, APALSA
Member, BLSA
Member, LLSA