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Alumnus Profile

Sarah Mercer

Class of 2007





Littleton, Colorado

Undergraduate Institutions and Degrees

Harvard University, B.A. in Social Studies, June 2004

Hobbies, Sports, or Extracurricular Passions

Running (veteran Boston Marathon runner)
Skiing (National Ski Patrol at Ski Cooper in Leadville, Colorado)
Crafting (I love to cross-stitch and embroider)

What were you doing before you came to the University of Colorado Law School?

I?m on the fast-track and came to law school straight from undergrad.

What is one interesting, fun, or offbeat thing you have done in your lifetime?

I camped at San Elijo State Beach in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California (San Diego area) for eight weeks. I had nothing but a surfboard, bike, tent, and lots of quarters for hot water showers.

About Boulder

Where do you live now (e.g., Boulder, Denver, etc.)?


Why did you choose to live there?

I wanted to be close to school and the Flatirons. Being able to scoot into the foothills for a hike or run after class surely keeps me sane.

What do you like most about Boulder?

I love the accessibility of the outdoors. I also really like going to Pearl Street on the weekends because the restaurants and bars are low-key, yet hip.

What do you like least about Boulder?

The rowdy undergraduate crowd gives Boulder a bad reputation. But, then again, reading about the riots in the Colorado Daily is something I always look forward to on Mondays.

What piece of advice would you give a student about moving to Boulder?

You can find everything you need (e.g., apartment, furniture, skis) on Craig?s List (

Favorite Place To Eat Out in Boulder

Wahoo's Fish Taco: this pseudo-Mexican food is scrumpt-diddly-umptious
Whole Foods: nosh on enough free samples to make a meal

About CU Law School

What piece of advice would you give a student about surviving being a 1L?

If you do your reading and go to class, you?ll be fine.

What piece of advice would you give a student about getting the most out of law school?

Show up and be engaged. Think about what a privilege it is to have the opportunity to study the Law. And don?t forget to smile and say hi to people in the hallways.

About Choosing A Law School

Why did you want to go to law school in general?

What else can one do with a degree in Social Studies? I am just kidding, sort of. How?s unadulterated intellectual curiosity? Not very realistic, is it? Perhaps, I better stick with this: I want to help people.

What made you decide to come to the University of Colorado School of Law specifically?

Location. I knew that I wanted to be back in Colorado. In addition, the reputation of the faculty really impressed me.

What do you like most about attending the University of Colorado School of Law?

I love the faculty. Everyday I am impressed by my professors? depth and breadth of knowledge. Furthermore, my classmates are so intriguing and smart. This combination makes class enjoyable and interesting.

What area of law do you want to practice, and why?

I think I?d like to get into labor and employment law. I like the human aspect of that area of civil litigation. Eventually, though, I?d love to be a judge.

What piece of advice would you give a prospective student about choosing a law school?

Pick a school in a place where you know (or think you know) that you?ll be happy.

About the Law School Curriculum

What first year courses did you have?

Appellate Advocacy: Mack
Civil Procedure: Hart
Constitutional Law: Wieser
Contracts: Peppet
Criminal Law: Ramsey
Legal Writing: Mack
Property: Campos
Torts: Schlag

What student organizations have you been involved with at the Law School?

This year, I?ve helped to organize the practitioner?s panel for the annual Women in Law Day, sponsored by the Women?s Law Caucus. I volunteer at Boulder County Legal Services, doing intake for their Spanish-speaking clients and translating motions, letters, and other documents.