Colorado Law Staff

Armknecht, Carrie
Clinical Programs Manager
Barbera, Nicole
Operations Director
Boster, Kayla
Business Services Program Manager
Bouck, Jason
Senior Director of Development
Brown, Kelly
Acting Managing Director & Marketing Director, Silicon Flatirons Center
Burr, Mike
Application & Web Developer
Carey, Juli
HR Manager
Carter, Cynthia
Faculty Coordinator
Chandler, Chemaine
Faculty Coordinator
Clark, Jamie
Administrative Assistant III Dean's Suite
Coberly, Teresa
IT Support Manager
Copple, Vanessa
Silicon Flatirons Event Manager
Counselor, Financial Aid
Financial Aid Counselor
Cupp, Deliliah
Business Services Professional, Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation
Cushing, Matthew
Director of Executive and Community Learning Programs
Das, Rishi
Senior Professional Research Assistant, Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation
Delgado, Yesenia
Events Manager
Dell, Kelly
Associate Director of Development
Dimock, Whiting
Senior Assistant Dean for Students
Drane, Nicole
Manager of Faculty Support
Elder, Steven
Library Technician
Fields, Connie
Library Technician
Fogleman, Annie
Program & Marketing Coordinator
Foley, Shannon
Fulton, Marci
Assistant Dean for Employer Relations and Outreach
Greenwood, Gregory
Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Executive Director
Guzman, Fernando
Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Excellence
Hedderman, Margaret
StartUp Colorado Events and Communications Coordinator
Herda, Alicia
Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Horowitz, Emily
Director of Experiential Learning & Public Service Programs / Adjunct Faculty
Hotz, Alex
General Laborer
Hughes, Kelly
Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Events and Community Relations Coordinator
Ilseng, Jimmy
International Programs Director
Ilseng, Kelly
Assistant Manager of Faculty Support
Jackson, Kristine M.
Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid
Johnson, Victoria
Finance & Faculty Affairs Professional
Johnson, Zach
Student Services Coordinator
Jones, Kerri
Library Technician
Keating, Delaney
Startup Colorado Program Director
Koehn, Jacqueline
Student Journals & Competitions Coordinator
LaBarre, Shaun
Deputy Director, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment
Lindstadt, Stanley
Startup Colorado Regional Assistant Program Director, Eastern Plains
Logan, Michele
Professional Program Coordinator
Madden, Alice
Executive Director of Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment
Marchesi, Karen
Administrative Assistant, Law Library
Marcum, Radha
Temporary Staff
Martin, Heather
Program Coordinator, Silicon Flatirons Center
McAtee-Sjostrom, Bridget
Assistant Director, Admissions
McCaskill, Alexia
Senior Director for Professional Development
McKee, John
Director for Government & Public Interest
Moyes, Anne-Marie
Program Director, Korey Wise Innocence Project
Najera, Cameron
Executive Assistant for Faculty Affairs
Netkin-Collins, Nicole
Director for Law Firms
Parks, Lisa
Development Assistant
Pritchard, Luke
Senior Program Officer, Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation
Quinlan, Sean
Senior Director of Budget & Finance
Robinson, Kari
Business Services Manager, Dean's Office
Rochette, Amanda
Assistant Director of Operations & Finance
Rogers, Todd
Assistant Dean for Career Development
Ross, Isaac
Student Assistant
Ross, Maureen
Clinical Programs Legal Assistant
Rotan, Kelly
Admissions Coordinator
Roth, Julia S.
Director of Marketing and Communications
Sanders, Taylor
Startup Colorado Western Slope Regional Assistant Program Director
Scanlan Lyons, Colleen
Co-Director, Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation
Schenter, Melissa
Faculty Events Coordinator
Schieve, Alan
Associate Director, Admissions
Schnittgrund, Sara
Director of Student Programs, Silicon Flatirons Center
Schwarz, Sarah
Sibray, Jon
Senior IT Director
Siqueira, Michelle
Associate Director of Events & Outreach, Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Policy Innovation
Stepanovich, Amie
Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship
Stirts, Lila
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Sullivan, Jennifer
Senior Assistant Dean for Administration and Program Development
Vigil, Georgette
Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Outreach
Wynn, Lionel
IT Technician
Yazgulian, Kathryn
Faculty Coordinator
Zafiratos, Matt
Library Technician