Faculty Expertise by Subject

Administrative Law
Adoption (see Juvenile Law, Family Law)
Affirmative Action
Agency and Partnership
Alternative Energy (see Energy Law)
American Indian Law
Antidiscrimination Law
Antitrust Law
Appellate Court Advocacy
Appellate Review
Banking and Financial Institutions
Business Law
Civil Procedure
Civil Rights
Class Actions
Climate Change
Colorado Constitution
Colorado River
Commercial Law
Comparative Law
Comparative Study of Democracy and Rule of Law
Complex Litigation
Conflict of Laws
Conservation Easements
Constitutional History
Constitutional Law & Theory
Contract Law & Theory
Copyright Law
Corporate Finance
Corporate Governance
Corporate Tax
Corporate Transactions
Criminal Investigation
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure
Critical Theory
Cultural Property
Cyberterrorism (see Internet and Cyber Law)
Death Penalty
Disability Law (see Antidiscrimination Law)
Discovery and Pretrial and Post-trial Motions
Diversity and Cultural Preservation
Divorce (see Family Law)
Domestic Violence
Economic Regulation
Economics and Law
Education Law
Elections and Voting
Employee Benefits/Pensions
Employment Discrimination
Employment Law
Energy Law and Policy
Entrepreneurial Law
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Justice
Environmental Law
Environmental Management
Equal Protection
ERISA (see Employment Law)
Ethics and Professional Responsibility
European Law (see International Law)
Evidence Law
Executive Compensation (see Corporations, Corporate Governance)
Family Law
Federal Courts
Feminist Legal Theory
Firearms (see Constitutional Law)
Free Speech (see Constitutional Law)
Gender and the Law
GLBT Rights (see Antidiscrimination Law, Gender and the Law)
Guantanamo (see International Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law)
Health Law and Policy
Historic Preservation
History and Society in the American West
Human Rights Law
Immigration Law
Indian Law (see American Indian Law)
Information Technology
Intellectual Property
International Business Transactions
International Environmental Law
International Human Rights
International Law
International Trade
Internet and CyberLaw
Judicial Appointments (see Federal Courts, Supreme Courts)
Jurisdiction of Courts
Juvenile Law
Labor Unions (see Employment Law)
Land Use and Zoning
Law & Religion (see Religion & Religious Freedom)
Law Library Resources
Legal and Social Theory
Legal Ethics (see Ethics and Professional Responsibility)
Legal History
Legal Philosophy
Legal Profession
Legal Research
Legal Writing
Mergers and Acquisitions
Murder (see Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure)
National Security Law
Natural Resources Law
Nonprofit Organizations
Oil & Gas
Patent Law
Personal Injury
Political Theory
Pollution Law
Pornography (see Constitutional Law)
Privacy Law
Property Law
Public Interest Law
Public Lands (see Natural Resources Law)
Public Policy
Race and the Law
Regulatory Policy
Religion and Religious Freedom
Res Judicata
Sales/Commercial Paper
Search and Seizure (see Constitutional Law)
Securities Law and Regulation
Sex Discrimination
Sexual Harassment
Society and Law
State and Local Government
Supreme Court
Sustainability (see Environmental Law)
Technology Law and Policy
Trial Advocacy and Skills Training
Tribal Law (see American Indian Law)
Truancy (see Education Law)
Trusts and Estates
Venture Capital
Water Law
Welfare and Poverty Law
White Collar Crime
Wildlife and Endangered Species (see Environmental Law, Natural Resources Law)
Wiretapping (see National Security Law, Constitutional Law)
Wrongful Conviction