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The Rothgerber Moot Court Competition

April 6, 2007

In the final round of this year’s Rothgerber Moot Court Competition, the teams argued the case of Dom L. Door (Petitioner) v. United States (Respondent), which is before the United States Supreme Court. The Court certified the following questions:

  • Does the Fourth Amendment permit police officers during a stop based on reasonable suspicion to request consent to search a suspect after the initial purpose of the stop is completed?
  • Does the Fifth Amendment require that Miranda warnings include an express reference to the right to consult with an attorney during an interrogation?

Before the distinguished panel of Justice Allison Eid, former Justice Jean Dubofsky, and Judge James Casebolt, Director of the Moot Court Programs, Professor Gabrielle Marks Stafford, said, “All the oralists performed like seasoned advocates and they masterfully fielded difficult questions.”

Congratulations to Jonathon P. Martin who received the Austin W. Scott Best Oralist Award, the Petitioner’s team of Gabe Lopez, Roni Melamed, and Chuck Piechota were selected as the Best Team, and the Respondent team of Marnie Adams, JP Martin, and Brad Williams were the Runner-up Team.

The Rothgerber Moot Court Appellate Competition was endowed in 1951 by Ira C. Rothgerber, Jr., to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his father's graduation from University of Colorado Law School. The Competition consists of three rounds of briefing and argument, the first round in the fall of the participants' second year of law school, a semi-final round in the spring of that year, and the final round in the spring of the participants' third year.

Winning team.

Best oralist award.

The judges.

The teams and judges.