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Past as Prologue: Re-Launch of the Encryption Compendium and Discussion

When Thursday, October 7, 2021
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Location Zoom
For Faculty; Staff; Students

Debates around the development and use of encryption date back decades. From the first of the ?Crypto Wars? over the Clipper Chip to the recent conversations focusing on the ability to pinpoint and map child sexual abuse material, these policy fights have explored a range of serious and important issues. In 2020, Silicon Flatirons, along with key partners, first launched the encryption Compendium ( with a goal of compiling a comprehensive repository of material to serve as a hub for those seeking to gain general understanding of both the historic and modern debates.

At this event, an array of expert speakers will discuss the full timeline behind the many encryption battles and be asked to what extent this history can be used to inform what may come next. In addition, the student researchers and developers behind the Encryption Compendium will present the resource, including details on how it can be accessed and used by anyone looking to find material on this topic.

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