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October 2018
 Oct 15 Carrigan Cup Trial Competition     Click to watch video   
September 2018
 Sep 27 The 2018 John Paul Stevens Lecture: Judge Carlos F. Lucero     Click to watch video   
April 2018
 Apr 23 Selma and the Liuzzo Murder Trials: A Talk with James P. Turner     Click to watch video   
March 2018
 Mar 21 Fifth Annual Martz Spring Symposium     Click to watch video   
February 2018
 Feb 15 The 61st Annual John R. Coen Lecture: Gregory B. Craig     Click to watch video   
November 2017
 Nov 14 The 43rd Annual Austin W. Scott, Jr. Lecture: Essentially a Mother     Click to watch video   
October 2017
 Oct 20 Women in Energy Law and Regulation Conference     Click to watch video   
 Oct 19 10th Annual Schultz Lecture in Energy     Click to watch video   
September 2017
 Sep 13-14 Event to Mark the Tenth Anniversary of the Adoption of the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples     Click to watch video   
June 2017
 Jun 8-9 2017 Martz Summer Conference     Click to watch video   
April 2017
 Apr 18 Silicon Flatirons Crash Course: Creating a Great Company Culture     Click to watch video   
 Apr 10-11 2017 Martz Spring Symposium     Click to watch video   
 Apr 4 60th Annual John R. Coen Lecture: The Trump Administration and International Law and Institutions     Click to watch video   
March 2017
 Mar 14 Rothgerber Moot Court Competition     Click to watch video   
 Mar 9 The Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence Conference     Click to watch video   
 Mar 7 Public Lecture by Chief Wilton Littlechild     Click to watch video   
February 2017
 Feb 14 The Bears Ears National Monument: A Breakthrough for Tribal-Federal Collaboration Management on Federal Public Lands     Click to watch video   
 Feb 13 Law and Policy in the New Presidential Administration - Immigration Law Teach-In and Roundtable     Click to watch video   
 Feb 12-13 Silicon Flatirons: The Digital Broadband Migration Conference - Evaluating the First Principles of Information Policy     Click to watch video   
 Feb 7 Protecting the Environment: What Next?     Click to watch video   
January 2017
 Jan 26 The Holocaust: Then and Now, Spanning the Void     Click to watch video   
 Jan 25 Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Andy Grolnick with LogRhythm     Click to watch video   
 Jan 1 Masters of Studies in Law: Ethics and Compliance     Click to watch video   
December 2016
 Dec 2 The Future of Advertising & Privacy     Click to watch video   
 Dec 1 The 42nd Annual Austin W. Scott, Jr. Lecture     Click to watch video   
October 2016
 Oct 21 FLPMA Turns 40 Conference     Click to watch video   
 Oct 14-15 2016 Homecoming & Reunion Weekend     Click to watch video   
 Oct 13 NVC 9 Quick Pitch Night     Click to watch video   
 Oct 12 Winter, Wilderness & Climate: Threats & Solutions     Click to watch video   
September 2016
 Sep 22 2016 Schultz Lecture: Paul Joskow     Click to watch video   
 Sep 19 Carrigan Cup Trial Competition     Click to watch video   
 Sep 17 Constitution Day     Click to watch video   
 Sep 15 Spectrum: Next Generation Interference Resolution and Enforcement     Click to watch video   
 Sep 14 Jim Furnish, Toward a Natural Forest: The Forest Service in Transition     Click to watch video   
 Sep 1 Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Eric Roza, Senior Vice President, Oracle Data Cloud     Click to watch video   
June 2016
 Jun 9-10 2016 Martz Summer Conference     Click to watch video   
April 2016
 Apr 21 2016 GWC Distinguished Lecture     Click to watch video   
 Apr 7 New Venture Challenge 8 Championships     Click to watch video   
March 2016
 Mar 30 Conference: Health Care Innovation     Click to watch video   
 Mar 17 59th Annual John R. Coen Lecture: "Is Law a Driverless Car? Assessing How (or Whether) the Data Analytics Revolution Will Transform the Legal Profession"     Click to watch video   
 Mar 10-11 2016 Martz Winter Symposium     Click to watch video   
 Mar 3 Content Conference: Innovation and Incentives in the Creative Arts     Click to watch video   
February 2016
 Feb 24 Rothgerber Moot Court Competition     Click to watch video   
 Feb 18 Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Sherisse Hawkins, Co-founder and CEO, Beneath The Ink and Ryan Sullivan, CEO & Co-Founder, Parkifi     Click to watch video   
 Feb 18 The Scalia Seat in the Crystal Ball: When Will It Be Filled, and What Happens Until It Is?     Click to watch video   
January 2016
 Jan 31-Feb 1 Conference: The Digital Broadband Migration: The Evolving Industry Structure of the Digital Broadband Landscape     Click to watch video   
 Jan 26 After Death: The Prosecutor's Observations from the Aurora Theater Shooter Death Penalty Case     Click to watch video   
 Jan 14 Conference: Future Grid     Click to watch video   
November 2015
 Nov 12 8th Annual Schultz Lecture: Governor John Hickenlooper     Click to watch video   
 Nov 6 Entrepreneurship Initiative Conference: Understanding The Informal Organization of Innovation     Click to watch video   
 Nov 5 Native American Rights Fund CLE: Celebrating 45 Years of NARF - Respecting Our Past, Building the Future     Click to watch video   
October 2015
 Oct 29 Boulder Startup History Crash Course: The Federal Labs Story     Click to watch video   
 Oct 23 Conference: Risk Assessment in Spectrum Policy     Click to watch video   
 Oct 15-16 23rd Annual Rothgerber Conference     Click to watch video   
 Oct 8 Professor Kristen Carpenter Gives the 41st Annual Austin W. Scott, Jr. Lecture     Click to watch video   
 Oct 7 New Venture Challenge: Pitch Night     Click to watch video   
September 2015
 Sep 17 Broadband Conference: Closing the Digital Divide     Click to watch video   
 Sep 17 Silicon Flatirons Turns 15     Click to watch video   
 Sep 3 Entrepreneurs Unplugged and the 2nd Annual Daniels Fund Ethics Lecture: Larissa Herda, Former CEO & President, tw telecom inc.     Click to watch video   
August 2015
 Aug 31 Dr. Ernest Moniz United States Secretary of Energy - Science for Security: The Role of the Department of Energy in Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation.     Click to watch video   
 Aug 26 Crash Course: How to Pitch to Angel Investors w/ David Cohen and Natty Zola     Click to watch video   
 Aug 4 Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Jamie Dimon     Click to watch video   
June 2015
 Jun 11-12 2015 Martz Summer Conference     Click to watch video   
May 2015
 May 18 Why Transfer to Colorado Law?     Click to watch video   
April 2015
 Apr 9 58th Annual John R. Coen Lecture        Click to listen to audio
March 2015
 Mar 26 Entrepreneurial Video     Click to watch video   
 Mar 12 Conference: Exploring Governance Strategies for the Public Domain/Commons in Intellectual Property, Wireless Spectrum, and Water Rights     Click to watch video   
 Mar 11 2015 Knous Award Recipient Betty Arkell     Click to watch video   
 Mar 11 2015 Colorado Law Alumni Honorees     Click to watch video   
 Mar 11 The History of William Lee Knous     Click to watch video   
 Mar 10 Mike Connor, 2015 Getches-Wilkinson Center, Distinguished Lecture     Click to watch video   
 Mar 5 Conference: Innovation in the Creation and Distribution of Content     Click to watch video   
 Mar 2 State-local Conflict Over Fracking     Click to watch video   
February 2015
 Feb 19 Leading an Ethical Organization in a Sometimes Unethical World     Click to watch video   
 Feb 12-13 Getches-Wilkinson Center, Martz Winter Symposium     Click to watch video   
 Feb 8-9 Conference: The Digital Broadband Migration: First Principles for a Twenty First Century Innovation Policy     Click to watch video   
December 2014
 Dec 4 Conference: When Companies Study Their Customers: The Changing Face of Science, Research, and Ethics     Click to watch video   
November 2014
 Nov 20 Why Boulder?     Click to watch video   
 Nov 18 Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Dave Query, Chef and Owner, Big Red F Restaurant Group     Click to watch video   
 Nov 14 Conference: Getting Beyond Command-and-Control Regulation in Wireless Spectrum     Click to watch video   
October 2014
 Oct 30 James Burke: 7th Annual Energy Innovation Schultz Lectureship Series     Click to watch video   
 Oct 22 Conference: Technology Transfer, University Commercialization Efforts, and Patent Strategies     Click to watch video   
 Oct 9 40th Annual Austin W. Scott, Jr. Lecture     Click to watch video   
 Oct 2 22nd Annual Rothgerber Conference: Litigating Constitutional Change     Click to watch video   
 Oct 1-3 2014 Bench and Bar Conference     Click to watch video   
September 2014
 Sep 11 Conference: Understanding Disruptive Innovation: The Cases of Internet, Telecom, and Electricity     Click to watch video   
 Sep 4-5 Celebrating the Great Law: The Wilderness Act at 50     Click to watch video   
August 2014
 Aug 25 Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Kim Jordan, CEO and Co-Founder of New Belgium Brewing Company     Click to watch video   
 Aug 25 Dean Weiser Telecom Podcasts     Click to watch video   
 Aug 19 Growth Mindset Panel     Click to watch video   
June 2014
 Jun 5-6 Martz Summer Conference: Water and Air Quality Issues in Oil and Gas Development     Click to watch video   
May 2014
 May 13 Conference: Copyright Policy and the Future of Television     Click to watch video   
April 2014
 Apr 17 Conference: The Future of Law School Innovation     Click to watch video   
 Apr 14 57th Annual John R. Coen Lecture
"Getting to Yes in the World: Reflections 30 Years Later"
  Click to watch video   
 Apr 8 Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Peter Hudson, M.D., Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of iTriage     Click to watch video   
 Apr 3 Property Rights in Spectrum, Water, and Minerals     Click to watch video   
March 2014
 Mar 17 The Inaugural Getches-Wilkinson Center Distinguished Lecture featuring Bruce Babbitt     Click to watch video   
 Mar 12 2014 William Lee Knous Award: Governer Roy Romer     Click to watch video   
 Mar 12 2014 Alumni Honorees     Click to watch video   
February 2014
 Feb 27-28 2014 Martz Winter Symposium: Natural Resource Industries and the Sustainability Challenge     Click to watch video   
 Feb 6 Ken Salazar on Colorado Law     Click to watch video   
January 2014
 Jan 17 Conference: The New Frontiers of Privacy Harm     Click to watch video   
November 2013
 Nov 14 Radio Spectrum Pollution: Facing the Challenge of a Threatened Resource     Click to watch video   
 Nov 13 An Evening with Chief Justice Bender     Click to watch video   
 Nov 7-8 21st Annual Rothgerber Conference: Federalism All the Way Down     Click to watch video   
 Nov 1 Free, Prior and Informed Consent: Pathways for a New Millennium     Click to watch video   
October 2013
 Oct 31 Conference: Cross-Border Energy Transactions: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities in North America     Click to watch video   
 Oct 30 Entrepreneurial Law Clinic Success Story - Everlater     Click to watch video   
 Oct 22 Energy Innovation Series and 6th Annual Schultz Lecture: Ensuring Reliability and a Fair Energy Marketplace     Click to watch video   
 Oct 21 Room for Debate: The Future of Boulder's Energy Utility     Click to watch video   
 Oct 16 The Future of Health Care Innovation     Click to watch video   
 Oct 10 39th Annual Austin Scott Lecture Access to Consumer Remedies in the Squeaky Wheel System delivered by Professor Amy J. Schmitz     Click to watch video   
 Oct 8 Software Patents and Their Challenges     Click to watch video   
 Oct 7 Energy Innovation Lecture Series?Søren Hermansen: Renewable Energy and Community Action in Denmark     Click to watch video   
September 2013
 Sep 3 The Challenge of Monetizing Content In A Changing Era     Click to watch video   
August 2013
 Aug 15-16 Martz Summer Water Conference     Click to watch video   
 Aug 14 Implications of the National Climate Action Plan     Click to watch video   
June 2013
 Jun 20 Brews & Geeks: A Tale of Two Entrepreneurship Scenes     Click to watch video   
May 2013
 May 20 Entrepreneurs Unplugged: David Cohen, Founder and CEO, TechStars     Click to watch video   
April 2013
 Apr 23 Towards Dynamic Markets in Electric Power, Water, and Wireless Spectrum     Click to watch video   
 Apr 18 56th Annual John R. Coen Lecture     Click to watch video   
 Apr 4-5 People of the Shining Mountains: the Legal Past, Present, and Future of the Ute Tribes     Click to watch video   
March 2013
 Mar 21 The Future of Entrepreneurial Finance     Click to watch video   
 Mar 13 2013 Knous Award Honoring Chief Justice Michael Bender     Click to watch video   
February 2013
 Feb 19 Crash Course: Bootstrapping     Click to watch video   
 Feb 11 Colorado Law In House Counsel Series: Leading and Managing Change     Click to watch video   
 Feb 10-11 The Digital Broadband Migration: The Future of Internet-Enabled Innovation     Click to watch video   
January 2013
 Jan 29 Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Jeremy Bloom, Co-Founder, Integrate     Click to watch video   
 Jan 24 James Anaya, UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous People, Evening Lecture     Click to watch video   
 Jan 11 Conference: The Technology of Privacy     Click to watch video