Silicon Flatirons Conference: Regulating Computing and Code

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When Sunday, February 11, 2018 - Monday, February 12, 2018
8:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Location Wittemyer Courtroom, Wolf Law
For Public; Faculty; Staff; Students; Alumni; CLE Credit
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Software now structures and enables virtually all communications services, thus raising important challenges for governance. On one level, these challenges relate to the rapidity of technological changes and whether policymakers can act quickly and effectively to advance policy goals. On another level, the global interdependence of many of these services challenges the ability of national regulatory bodies to advance public policy goals. In the case of the emerging 5G wireless standards, the new architecture will rely on software-defined networks and will be developed by international standards bodies, raising questions for how national policy goals-ranging from public safety communications to cybersecurity and competition-will be advanced by national-level bodies. In the 2018 annual technology policy conference, we will explore the set of governance challenges raised by the dominance of software: the ability to make predictions in today’s technological environment, asking, for example, how such challenges affect antitrust policy the increasing pervasive use of algorithms-from automated vehicles to internet-based services like search, to public policy issues like recommended prison sentences-raises challenges for policymakers whether the massive amounts of data created and analyzed should be stored locally, with some countries seeking to mandate such regulation the fundamental challenge of how to design regulatory institutions that can be effective in today's technological environment As per tradition, this conference will bring together a group of leaders from academia, government, and industry.

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