Conference: 3D Wireless: The Promise and Challenges of Next-Generation Space and Airborne Wireless Systems

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When Wednesday, October 4, 2017
1:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Location Wittemyer Courtroom
For Public; Faculty; Staff; Students; Alumni; CLE Credit

A wave of innovation in airborne and orbiting systems—from drones to new thousand-satellite constellations—poses difficult questions of who is in charge and how to coordinate increasingly complex operations to prevent harm. Communication platforms will be located at a range of altitudes from ground level to geostationary orbit and beyond and be governed by national and international bodies with different interests and expertise. The coordination of these systems to prevent both physical collision and radio interference is becoming exponentially more complex, both technically and institutionally. In this conference, experts will address the promise and challenges of next-generation airborne and space wireless systems, specifically the: design and engineering challenge of creating devices and systems to realize the vision; policy challenge of creating a new regulatory framework that encompasses aeronautical, aviation, and communications agencies; measurements, operations, and government regulations to ensure the effective and beneficial operation of the components and systems. The discussion will also explore new and old hazards, who is in charge of governing at both national and international levels, and resolving conflicts between incumbents and new entrants.

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