Legal Alternative Dispute Resolution Club (LADR)

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Legal Alternative Dispute Resolution club (LADR) is to enhance the education of students at the University of Colorado School of Law and LADR members by providing a forum for the practical learning of alternative dispute resolution through discussions, problem-solving, and networking events; professional training; and volunteer service within the community and local courts.


LADR is a University of Colorado School of Law student group focused on alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The group trains CU law students to serve as mediators in local courts and communities. LADR also sponsors lectures and events about dispute resolution and engages law students in community service.

Following is a list of LADR activities and goals:
o Assisting the community and courts with conflict resolution
o Promoting ADR in Colorado
o Networking
o Building relationships between law students and ADR professionals
o Helping law students to learn about career opportunities in ADR
o Increasing law student awareness and interest in ADR opportunities
o Increasing law school and community awareness of ADR processes


Educational Mission
1. To offer a forum for the free exchange of alternative dispute resolution principles and ideas, and to provide experience in alternative dispute resolution.
2. To offer a forum through which members can network with the community and other ADR Program members at seminars and social events.
3. To provide comprehensive and current training in the theory, problem-solving, and communication skills needed for effective alternative dispute resolution.
4. To provide a forum through which LADR members can learn and practice mediation with community and faculty members in order to gain professional experience.
5. To provide LADR members with access to current events (such as negotiation and facilitation in restorative justice) and opportunities to meet, learn from, and share experiences with professionals in their respective fields.

Service Mission
1. To offer free, volunteer-based services to disputing community members and provide a fair and effective alternative process in which members of the community can resolve their disputes in an amicable and collaborative manner outside the courtroom.
2. To assist the local courts and communities with their conflict resolution needs.
3. To establish an effective relationship with the local courts, other community mediation services, and professional mediators.
4. To educate the community and local courts regarding mediation and ADR skills.

Roles or Ways for Students to Get Involved:

Participation in LADR is open to all CU law students and, on a limited basis, community members. Similarly, the events sponsored by LADR, such as fundraisers or trainings, are open and available for free or at a nominal cost to CU law students interested in being involved with the group. With CU Restorative Justice and Student Mediation Services, LADR sponsors trainings in mediation and restorative justice facilitation.

Past Activities

Legal Alternative Dispute Resolution club (LADR) is the first group of its kind at CU-Boulder. LADR offers students unique opportunities to learn about ADR and to use training offered by the group to volunteer in the community. LADR strives to build a forum for people seeking to learn and share their knowledge and experience in ADR. Students can attend lectures concerning current ADR topics and learn about the careers and cases of ADR professionals.

o Mediation speakers - Past speakers have included CU Law Professor and professional mediator Christie Coates; Scott Peppet, CU Law Professor specializing in contracts, negotiation, and dispute resolution; and law students who are trained mediators.

o Dealing with Difficult Conversations - A community-wide training conducted by CU Law Professor Scott Peppet. This event focuses on building skills for effective communication, even in stressful or uncomfortable situations. These communication skills can be applied to any difficult conversation, whether with a boss, a co-worker, a spouse, a friend, or a group of people.

o Casino Night - A law school event to raise money for the Children's Hospital of Denver.

o Networking functions - Law students and ADR professionals meet and discuss volunteer and career opportunities in mediation.

Other Information

Officers Krista Martin, President
Rachel Marx, Vice President
Julie Mahoney, Treasurer
Erica Herrera, Secretary
Aubrey Coffey-Urban, SBA Representative
Other Website
Ntnl Affialiate Website
TWEN Website click here for TWEN website
The LADR TWEN website contains announcements, meeting minutes, officer bios and contact information, and ADR and mediation resources. LADR conducts most of its student group business through TWEN. If you are interested in receiving updates regarding meetings and other LADR news, please add our course, ?Legal Alternative Dispute Resolution,? to your TWEN home page.
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