Colorado Election Law Project (CELP)

The Colorado Election Law Project (CELP) at the University of Colorado Law School is founded on Thomas Paine?s belief that ?voting is the right upon which all other rights depend.? The organization exists to? 1- Create awareness about state and federal election laws and policies, and the effects that these laws and policies have on voter registration, voter participation, voter disenfranchisement and voter intimidation and harassment. 2- Advocate for laws and policies that provide all citizens with secure and universal access to participate in elections. 3- Facilitate in the conducting of free, fair and open elections with maximal voter participation and to ensure that no eligible voter is wrongly disenfranchised.

Past Activities

Organized election judges and poll monitors for election day, coordinated massive voter registration drives, and hosted an election night party.

Other Information

Officers Beth Ann Lennon, President
Ben Wilson, Vice-President
Carson Saporta, Treasurer
Meg Panzer, Secretary
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Web Contact Beth Ann Lennon
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