Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

CU BLSA is an active chapter of the Rocky Mountain Region of the National Black Law Student Association (NBLSA). NBLSA is a national organization created and designed to articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of Black law students; to foster and encourage professional competence; to focus upon the relationship of the Black attorney to the American legal system; to instill in the Black attorney and law student a greater awareness of and commitment to the needs of the Black community; to utilize their expertise to initiate a change within the legal system that will make it more responsive to the needs and concerns of the Black community; to do any and all things necessary and lawful for the accomplishment of these goals.

CU BLSA enables black students of African descent to acclimate into the CU Law School environment to facilitate the exchange of various cultural experiences and perspectives in support of a more diverse learning opportunity. CU BLSA assists black students of African descent to integrate into the CU Law School environment through supplemental academic and mentoring programs, jointly sponsored activities and events with other law student organizations, as well as coordinated networking and community service projects in the Denver/Boulder metropolitan area. CU BLSA supports our student members through tighter alliances with CU Law School faculty and administration, DU Law School BLSA, and the Sam Carey Bar Association.

CU BLSA is open to all students, not just African American students. Any student interested in participating in our events should sign up on the TWEN site to receive notice of all our events. All students are invited to attend and participate in our meetings and programs.

Past Activities

CU/DU BLSA Picnic (August 2007) Discussion on African Americans in the Criminal Justice System, part of Awareness Week (September 2007) "Yes We Can" Mixer (November 2007) Black History Month Speaker, Willie Shepherd co-founder of Kamlet Shepherd & Reichert, LLP (February 2009)

Other Information

Officers Vanessa Devereaux, Co-President
Adria Robinson, Co-President
Myles Johnson, Vice President
Brian "Monty" Montrose, Treasurer
Tonya Luna, Secretary
Other Website
Ntnl Affialiate Website
TWEN Website click here for TWEN website
Student may find the latest organizational announcements, meeting agendas, information on the SCBA mentoring program, summer job opportunities as they become available, and organizational and planning materials (e.g., Vision/Mission/Objectives Statement, Constitution and Bylaws, etc.).
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