American Constitution Society

ACS is a national organization of law students, law professors, practicing lawyers and others. Our goal is to revitalize and transform the legal debate, from law school classrooms to federal courtrooms. We strive to counter the dominant vision of American law today, a narrow conservative vision that lacks appropriate regard for the ways in which the law affects peoples' lives. We seek to restore the fundamental principles of respect for human dignity, protection for individual rights and liberties, genuine equality and access to justice to their rightful?traditionally central?place in American law. The American Constitution Society is a non-partisan, non-profit educational organization. We do not, as an organization, lobby, litigate, or take positions on specific issues, cases, legislation, or nominations. We strongly encourage our members to express their views and make their voices heard. Anyone interested in helping in any way should contact an officer below.

Past Activities

In 2007-08, ACS hosted the 2008 Western Regional Round of the Constance Baker Motley Moot Court Competition. Two teams from CU competed, with one winning the National Competition in Washington, DC.

Other Information

Officers Lauryn Boston, President and Treasurer
Tacy Hass, Vice President
Zach Ahmad, Secretary and SBA Rep
Celeste Villegas, SBA Rep
Shahar Atary, Publicity Director
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Web Contact Lauryn Boston
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