Native American Law Students Association

The Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) of CU is a student association of Native American law students as well as non-Native law students interested in Federal Indian Law and Native issues in general.

The purpose of NALSA is threefold:
1. To promote an awareness of Native American issues at the law school and greater CU campus;
2. To develop a community atmosphere for Native American law students;
3. To organize activities that will enrich the law school experience and assist NALSA members in their career development.

Law students can get involved with NALSA by attending monthly membership meetings and joining NALSA?s TWEN site on Westlaw. NALSA officers coordinate events to promote awareness of American Indian issues at the lawschool as well as in the United States. NALSA officers also fundraise for those events and act as NALSA representatives at law school and non-law school functions. NALSA members may form committees to fundraise, organize events and compete in National NALSA Moot Court as well as attend the annual Federal Bar Association's Indian Law Conference.

Past Activities

Every year in September, NALSA hosts a social for the incoming students to meet the current NALSA membership. In early November, NALSA also sponsors the Fall Harvest Feast, a Native American community potluck for law students, members of the Colorado Indian Bar Association (CIBA) and Native American community members. NALSA has also participated in National NALSA Moot Court, the Federal Bar Association's Indian Law Conference, the Denver March Pow Wow, and the annual CIBA Red Rock Ramble fundraiser. In 2009, CU NALSA co-hosted the 17th Annual National NALSA Moot Court Competition with the University of Denver NALSA Chapter (the event was held at the Wolf Law Building).

Other Information

Officers Kelsey Peterson, President
Courtney Cole, Co Vice-President
Rebecca Sher, Co Vice-President
Chris Meier, Secretary
Johnathon Intollube-Chmil, Treasurer
Other Website
Ntnl Affialiate Website
TWEN Website click here for TWEN website
On the NALSA TWEN site, students will find organizational information about NALSA, upcoming events, opportunities (moot court and writing competitions, fellowships, scholarships, externships, clerkships, jobs, etc.) and member contributions as to current Native issues. There are also sign-up sheets for event volunteers, surveys and e-mail access to the NALSA membership.
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