Christian Legal Society (CLS)

CLS members affirm a common statement of faith setting forth the cardinal doctrines of Christianity. Our mission is to be a network for law students committed to proclaiming, loving, and serving Jesus Christ through all we do and say in the practice of law and to advocating for biblical conflict reconciliation, public justice, religious freedom, and the sanctity of human life. Simply put we are a group of Christian law students who meet on a regular basis to provide mutual support and Christian edification during the struggles of law school. We have lots of ideas for new projects, in which we would love to have more students involved, including: setting up a local Christian legal aid clinic, participating in a Bible study, planning fun get-togethers, working on service projects, etc. We welcome involvement at any level. We have a weekly fellowship meeting, and anyone is welcome to attend. We occasionally host speakers, who speak on any topic relevant to the mission of the Christian Legal Society, such as Christian legal aid, or Christian duties within civil society.

Past Activities

Past activities have included a presentation by Mike Norton, former U.S. Attorney, about serving as a Christian in government, and a presentation by attorney Jim Helfrich on the Christian Legal Aid program in Denver and on how we can get involved or start our own here in Boulder. Additionally, we have had numerous presentations regarding the international problem of human trafficking, by several individuals involved in the organization "Not for Sale." Our ongoing activities include an active attorney mentorship program, where law students are paired with practicing Christian attorneys from Boulder and Denver.

Other Information

Officers Caleb Crossland, President
Kate Whitney, Vice-President
Tim Hole, Treasurer
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