Construction and Real Estate Law Association (CRELA)

Established in 2004, the University of Colorado Law School's Construction and Real Estate Law Association (CRELA) exists to encourage and enable law students to contribute to, and explore, the construction and real estate industries. This may include anything related to construction law, project development and finance, affordable housing development, sustainable development, green building standards, real estate transactions, community development issues, and land planning. CRELA members work to inform students on employment and training opportunities in the construction and real estate industries and provide events that help students network and learn from practicing lawyers in the field. CRELA also works to inform students about and encourage participation in activities that can benefit the community . CRELA is dedicated inform and inspire students who wish to pursue construction or real estate work, in any capacity, in their future careers.

CRELA is also dedicated to forming an ongoing scholarship opportunity for CU Law Students interested in construction or real estate professions and/or academics. Our long-term goal is to make this scholarship sustainable and broaden its reach to provide support for any graduate student in Colorado who is pursuing a degree in one of these areas.

A student has many possibilities for participating with or belonging to CRELA. As an officer, a student may set up future activities, fund raisers, or recruiting events. They may also assist in community outreach and involvement, including making local and metro area contacts. Any member or non-member may attend any CRELA event to learn more about specific topics, or they may actively participate in the community by joining one of our future volunteer opportunities, possibly via Thistle Community Housing, Neighborhood Reinvestment, the Colorado Division of Housing, or Habitat for Humanity.

Past Activities

CRELA has sponsored numerous events touching on housing and development issues over the past few years. Among these events include a debate on a 2004 amendment that would have limited tort liability for construction, talks by Kathi Williams of the Colorado Division of Housing on the state's housing market, and a panel representing the non-profit, private and public development sectors on financing and legal issues related to development of affordable housing. Recently, CRELA hosted a series of panels highlighted by a discussion by Thomas Snyder of Stoel Rives LLP, who represented the City of Albuquerque against a preemption challenge by HVAC industry representatives regarding the city's new energy conservation code--one of the first green building suits in the country. CRELA also helps build connections with the Colorado legal community through formal and informal networking, including job discussion panels, morning coffees, and events with the Real Estate Section of the Colorado Bar.

Other Information

Officers Zak Kessler, Co-President
Joe Hartwig, Vice President
Matt Skeen, Secretary
Lauren Seger, Treasurer
Megan Rose, 1L SBA Rep
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