Technology and Intellectual Property Society (TIPS)

An organization of law students interested in the intersection of law, technology, and intellectual property.

Past Activities

The Denver/Boulder community has many exciting opportunities to practice technology law and TIPS is a wonderful way to get connected. Silicon Flatirons, a center for law, technology, and entrepreneurship and the University of Colorado hosts a variety of symposiums at CU Law, inviting a number of excellent speakers and debates on current telecom, patent, and other technology issues in law. TIPS members are encouraged to help with these events and meet the speakers. TIPS hosted several events this year highlighting various interesting technology law issues. TIPS has useful information, fun events, and great networking for students interested in technology law!

Other Information

Officers Kenneth Bradtke, President
Mike Wiwchar, Vice President
Kevin Duffy, Treasurer
Tim Wilkins, SBA Representative
Walker Williams, SBA Representative
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