Environmental Law Society

University of Colorado Law School attracts students with a strong personal and professional interest in natural resources law and policy. The student-run Environmental Law Society (ELS) serves as a primary outlet for those students to become involved and to meet others with similar interests immediately upon beginning their first year. ELS is a highly active group, organizing various service outreach activities, fundraising events, and outdoor adventures each semester. ELS members cultivate connection in the local outdoor community by participating in at least one volunteer outreach effort each semester. Our fundraising efforts serve two ends: ELS provides scholarships for law students who wish to do low or unpaid summer internships for non-profit environmental and resource conservation organizations, and ELS also uses fundraising dollars to send several students to environmental law conferences around the country each year. ELS is committed to an extended partnership with the Natural Resources Law Center, providing students with a number of meaningful opportunities to become involved. Central to this partnership is ELS? role in assisting the NRLC in planning and organizing their annual summer conference. Additionally, ELS members are active in the Center?s Public Comment Project, collaboration on the Center?s newsletter, and coordination of a series of career and topic-focused lectures for both students and practitioners. One goal of this partnership is to give first-year students?otherwise focused on the first-year curriculum?opportunities to immerse themselves in the larger natural resources law community that Colorado has to offer. Past speakers have focused on pressing topics such as the fate of Colorado?s roadless areas, legal strategies for water conservation along the rapidly-developing Front Range, and recent class action litigation remedying the plutonium contamination of Denver neighborhoods down-wind of the former Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant.

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Officers Sarah Judkins, Co-President
Josh Kruger, Co-President
Brandon Dittman, Treasurer
Matt Tieslau, Secretary & Alumni Relations Coordinator
Elizabeth Neville, Vice President of Events and Outdoor Activities
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