OUTlaw, the GLBT & Allies Law Student Group

OUTlaw provides professional, social, and academic support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (GLBT) law students and their straight allies. OUTlaw also endeavors to make the law school's general population aware of issues, legal and otherwise, that are important to the GLBT community. OUTlaw helps students who are interested in working in GLBT law to explore their career options. People of all genders, and of all sexual and political orientations are welcome.

A student has many possibilities for participating with or belonging to OUTlaw. As an officer, a student may set up future activities, fund raisers, or recruiting events. They may also assist in community outreach and involvement, assisting with making national and metro area contacts. Any member or non-member is free to simply attend any OUTlaw event to learn more about specific topics, or they may actively participate in the community by joining one of our volunteer opportunities.

Students can also volunteer to act as representatives to the Colorado Lesbian and Gay Bar Association, the Boulder LGBT attorney?s, or the National Lesbian and Gay Bar Association.

Past Activities

Spring 2010 -- *Sponsored and prepared a Saturday night dinner (in collaboration with DU's OUTlaw group) with Rainbow Alley, the GLBT Community Center of Colorado's drop-in space for queer youth and allies ages 12 - 21. *Candygram sales to fund a new book scholarship for an incoming GLBT law student. *Valentine's Day social event in Denver! Fall 2009 -- *GLBT Colorado Bar Association awards dinner at University of Denver. Spring 2009 -- *Joint event with the Juvenile and Family Law Club: conversation with CU Law alum Kim Willoughby about adoption law with a focus on second-parent adoptions, and other child-related legal issues facing same-sex couples, such as surrogacy contracts. *"Life Before & After Proposition 8": Discussion by Boulder County Attorney, Larry Hoyt, on California Proposition 8's ramifications on his recent marriage and the legal issues he and his partner now face, as well as, the civil rights blog that he is writing for the International Municipal Lawyers Association. *Valentine's Day social event in Denver! Fall 2008-- *GLBT Colorado Bar Association awards dinner at University of Denver. *The Current Affairs of the Legal Rights of Same-Sex Partnerships in Colorado -- a talk by the staff of the Colorado Legal Initiative Project from the Center (Denver's GLBT resource center). *National Coming Out Day social event.

Other Information

Officers Darren Jankord, President
Shandea Williams, Vice President
Beth Ann Lennon, Secretary
Lisa Saccomano, Treasurer
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