Sondra Smith

Adjunct Faculty

401 UCB
2450 Kittredge Loop Drive
Wolf Law Building
Boulder, CO  80309

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Ms. Smith is responsible for the strategic vision and leadership of CenturyLink's global corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. Prior to CenturyLink's acquisition of Level 3, she spent five years building a CSR program at Level 3 and 10 years on the legal team. Ms. Smith manages the Clarke M. Williams CenturyLink Foundation, a private foundation and she is also the Executive Director of the CenturyLink Community Giving Foundation, Inc. (fka the Level 3 Foundation), a separate 501c3 nonprofit that she established in 2015. Through all corporate social responsibility and community relations programs, CenturyLink not only engages and inspires their employees and community to do good, but also provides vital support to the needs in their local communities across the globe.

Early on, Ms. Smith determined that CSR programs should support causes that tie closely to who CenturyLink is as a company. And, which intentionally connects with a group of unique individuals who are passionate about giving back. CSR at both companies has grown through grassroots efforts driven by passion around specific causes. The global CSR programs support local communities in unique and distinct ways - based upon the creative ways our employees choose to contribute. Who best to identify the most suitable way to support a local community than the employees who live and work in these communities?

Ms. Smith is passionate about giving back to our community and has organized and participated in volunteer efforts for several years. Currently she is spending a great deal of her time building a community garden through the CenturyLink Community Giving Foundation, Inc. and building a formal STEM program to support under-resourced youth in the Denver area. Ms. Smith spent the last two years working with CU Boulder building out content and curriculum to launch the first Colorado based CSR professional Certification program through the Leeds School of Business. She continues as a guest lecturer in this program.

She is past President of the Board for Metro Volunteers, after serving as Vice President and Treasurer for five years. She also serves on the Board for Denver Children's Home as Secretary, on the Board for mindSpark Learning, on the Advisory Board for A Precious Child, and most recently served on the Boards for the American Red Cross (2013-2016) and Reading Partners Colorado (2014-2016). Ms. Smith enjoys teaching in the MSLA program at DU and speaking on all things CSR at various events in the Denver community.

Ms. Smith is a life-long learner and recently received a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Leadership from Boston College. She received her MBA in finance from the University of Colorado after receiving her undergraduate degree in business/accounting from CU as well. Ms. Smith is a Denver native and currently lives in Evergreen with her husband and three dogs. She has a new grandbaby daughter who has stolen her heart and has two grown children who awe and inspire her every day. Nothing makes her happier than hiking in the mountains with her dogs and spending time with her family. She enjoys teaching, working in the community, meeting new people, reading, golfing and running when she can. Ms. Smith thinks the most beautiful places are right here in Colorado and she makes every effort to enjoy it.


Fall 2019 Ethical Organizations and Professionals LAWS 9003-901
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