Edward Ramey

Adjunct Faculty

401 UCB
2450 Kittredge Loop Drive
Wolf Law Building
Boulder, CO  80309
E-mail: edward.ramey@colorado.edu

Fresh out of the Army (and into law school), Ed Ramey first stumbled into the world of civil rights and civil liberties conflicts working as a student intern with migrant farmworkers in rural northern Illinois. The fascinations, passions, frustrations, and ever-present intellectual challenges of that world have been a major part of his law practice over the thirty-plus years since.

Working singly, with small groups of attorneys, and as a member of prominent legal and interdisciplinary teams engaging in impact litigation, Ed's practice has spanned an array of civil rights and liberties issues--representing plaintiffs and defendants, individuals, public interest organizations, businesses, and government employees, officials, and agencies.

Impact cases have included a formative bipartisan First Amendment challenge to evolving state campaign finance regulatory structures, reproductive health care access litigation on behalf of medical professionals and younger women, serving as part of a legal team pursuing a 25-year class action on behalf of prison inmates to bring the Colorado Department of Corrections into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, as part of a prominent amicus team challenging federal impediments to climate change regulations, and working with a national group of academics and public interest agencies challenging "ag gag" laws restricting collection and public access to information regarding institutional cruelty to animals.

Ed has represented students seeking to express their cultural heritage and political views at school, federal employees confronting agency sanctioned religious discrimination at work, public interest groups defending affirmative action programs, and candidates and political organizations encountering official obstruction. On the other side of the aisle, he has defended public officials, the Colorado General Assembly, and various other state actors against assorted allegations of official misconduct and violations of constitutional rights. Some of Ed's more colorful clients have, not surprisingly, been prison inmates, ranging from convicted murderers and sexual offenders, persons convicted of acts of terrorism associated with the 1993 World Trade Center bombings, the "Black Widow," and the "Unabomber."

Ed received the National Association of Bilingual Education's Citizen of the Year Award for his defense of bilingual education programs, Colorado Community Shares' Defender of the Community Award for opening public employee forums to alternative community giving initiatives, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado's Sherman Award for his work as a cooperating attorney. Ed has chaired the board of the Colorado ACLU and has been a long-time member of its legal panel, is an active member of the Faculty of Federal Advocates and the Civil Pro Bono Panel of the U. S. District Court for Colorado, served on the board and legal advisory panel of the Colorado Prison Law Project, as a legal panel member of the Colorado Legal Initiatives Project in the early days of LGBTQ initiatives, on the education task force of the Colorado Lawyers Committee, and on the legal advisory panel of the Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center addressing disability discrimination issues in Colorado and nationally. Ed has taught courses in civil rights and civil liberties litigation as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver's Sturm College of Law, and served for six years as the advisory counsel to the University of Colorado's Faculty Committee on Privilege and Tenure--investigating and conducting administrative hearings involving several high profile faculty grievance and dismissal proceedings.


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