Scott R. Peppet

Professor of Law, Wolf-Getches Fellow
Contracts, Legal Negotiation, Advanced Legal Negotiation, Seminar: Counseling Family Enterprises

University of Colorado Law School
420 Wolf Law Building
401 UCB
Boulder, CO  80309-0401
Office: 420
Phone: (303) 735-0818

Curriculum Vitae:  View (PDF format)

Educational Background:
M.S., Finance   University of Colorado   2016  
J.D.   Harvard Law School   1996   magna cum laude
B.A.   Cornell University   1991   magna cum laude
Scott Peppet is a Professor of Law at the University of Colorado Law School, where he has taught Contracts, Legal Negotiation, Counseling Family Enterprises, and Legal Ethics since 2000. His scholarship focuses in two areas: the ethics of alternative dispute resolution and privacy, technology and contract. In the former area he has published both an award-winning book - Beyond Winning (Harvard University Press) -- and various academic articles on the use of contingency fees by mediators, the use of mediation in transactions as opposed to disputes, and the ethics of collaborative law. His more recent scholarship on privacy, technology and contract has focused on the privacy problems of self-disclosure (Unraveling Privacy, Northwestern University Law Review 2011), the impact of new technologies on consumer contract law (Freedom of Contract in an Augmented Reality, UCLA Law Review 2012), and the ways in which technology is changing prostitution markets (Prostitution 3.0, forthcoming Iowa Law Review 2013). Prior to joining the Colorado faculty he taught as a Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School and was a Senior Fellow on Negotiation at the Harvard Negotiation Research Project. In 2002, CU students honored him with their Excellence in Teaching Award. He lives in Boulder with his wife, children, and Quarter-horse named Betsy.

Professor Peppet serves on the Board of Directors of Anixter Inc. (AXE: NYSE) and the Ownership Committee of Equity International, Inc.


Regulating the Internet of Things: First Steps Towards Managing Discrimination, Privacy, Security and Consent, 93 Texas L. Rev. 85 (2014).
Prostitution 3.0?, 98 Iowa Law Review 1989 (2013).
Freedom of Contract in an Augmented Reality: The Case of Consumer Contracts, 59 UCLA Law Review 676 (2012).
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Contractarian Economics and Mediation Ethics: The Case for Customizing Neutrality Through Contingent Fee Mediation, 82 Texas L. Rev. 227 (2003).
Note: In-Kind Class Action Settlements, 109 Harv. L. Rev. 810 (1996).

Symposia, Invited Essays, and Short Articles

Privacy & the Personal Prospectus: Should We Introduce Privacy Agents or Regulate Privacy Intermediaries?, 97 Iowa L. Rev. Bull. 77 (2012).
The Ethics of Collaborative Law, 2008 J. Disp. Resol. 131 (Symposium: Innovative Models of Lawyering) (2008).
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ADR Ethics: Enlarging the Canon, 54 Journal of Legal Education 72 (symposium) (2004).
Can Saints Negotiate? An Introduction to the Problems of Perfect Ethics in Bargaining, 7 Harv. Neg. L. Rev. 83 (symposium) (2002). abstract

Book Chapters

Transferring the Family Business, in Susan N. Gary, Ed., Mediation for Estate Planners: Managing Family Conflict (2016).
Peppet (with Paul Ohm), What If Everything Reveals Everything, in Big Data is Not a Monolith (forthcoming MIT Press, 2015).
Peppet (with Michael Moffitt), Learning How To Learn To Negotiate, in Schneider & Honeyman (eds.), The Negotiator's Fieldbook (2006). abstract
Six Principles for Using Negotiating Agents to Maximum Advantage, in The Handbook of Dispute Resolution 189 (Michael L. Moffitt & Robert C. Bordone eds., 2005).
Mindfulness in the Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution, in What's Fair: Ethics for Negotiators 440 (Carrie Menkel-Meadow & Michael Wheeler eds., Jossey-Bass 2004).

Published Books

Peppet (with Alan Rau & Ed Sherman), Processes of Dispute Resolution: The Role of Lawyers (4th ed.), (2006).
Peppet (with Alan Scott Rau & Edward F. Sherman), Arbitration, (3d ed.) (2006).
Peppet (with Alan Scott Rau & Edward F. Sherman), Mediation and Other Non-binding ADR Processes, (3d ed.) (2006).
Peppet (with Alan Scott Rau & Edward F. Sherman), Negotiation, (3d ed.) (2006).
Peppet (with Alan Rau & Ed Sherman), Processes of Dispute Resolution: The Role of Lawyers (3d ed.), (2001).
Peppet (with Robert Mnookin & Andrew Tulumello), Beyond Winning: Negotiating To Create Value in Deals and Disputes, (2000). abstract

Professional Publications

The (New) Ethics of Collaborative Law, 14 Disp. Resol. Mag. 23-27 Winter (2008).
Colorado Ethics Opinion 115: Next Steps for Colorado's Collaborative Lawyers, Colo. Law., Sept. 2007, at 37 (2007).
Peppet (with Bruce Patton & Michele Gravelle), Enlightened Power Through Difficult Conversation, in Enlightened Power: How Women Are Transforming the Practice of Leadership 267 (Linda Coughlin et al. eds., 2005).
Transactional Mediation: Using Mediators in Deals, 32 Colorado Lawyer 81 (October) (2003). abstract
Teaching Negotiation Using Web-Based Streaming Video, Neg. J. 271 (July) (2002).
Peppet (with Robert Mnookin & Andrew Tulumello), The Tension Between Empathy and Assertiveness,, 12 Neg. J. 217 (1996).

Selected Press, Media & Publicity

IoT Makes Security and Privacy Top Challenges for Wearables | CIO | Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Workplace Wellness Programs Put Employee Privacy At Risk | | Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Berlin startup's Ohlala app pairs romance with finance | DW | Friday, August 14, 2015
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With Discounts for Healthy Behavior, John Hancock Courts Privacy Concerns | NPR | Wednesday, April 8, 2015
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The Internet Has Already Revolutionized Prostitution. But Could Better Apps Make it Truly Safe? | Slate | Wednesday, February 25, 2015
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Toward a Complex, Realistic, and Moral Tech Criticism | The Atlantic | Wednesday, March 13, 2013


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