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The Roots of Today's Racial Exclusion in Boulder County and the Road Ahead: Black History in Boulder County

Hear from a virtual panel of community leaders to learn about the city of Boulder's history of racial exclusion and steps for a more inclusive future. This panel discussion, hosted by Boulder law firm Hutchinson Black and Cook, LLC ("HBC"), is the first of four community panel discussions to be hosted by the firm about the history of exclusion of Black, Native American, and Hispanic American communities from Boulder County, as well as resistance to exclusion by those groups.

The panel discussion featured:
Moderator: Dr. Quintard Taylor, Professor Emeritus of American History, University of Washington, a specialist in African American history in the American West

Penfield Tate, III, an attorney, former Colorado state legislator, and son of Boulder's only Black mayor

Dr. Charles Nilon, professor of environmental science at the University of Missouri and son of CU Boulder's first tenured Black faculty member

Dr. Polly Bugros McLean, Associate Professor of Media Studies at CU Boulder and author of A Legacy of Missing Pieces: The Voices of Black Women of Boulder County.

The panel series is co-sponsored by; The Center of the American West; the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Boulder Chapter; the Native American Rights Fund; the University of Colorado Law School; and Colorado Law's Black Law Students Association.