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Silicon Flatirons - Crash Course - Entrepreneurial Nonprofits

Please join us as Silicon Flatirons spotlights nonprofit entities in the Front Range that take an entrepreneurial approach to make an impact in our communities. New ventures come in different forms. Nonprofits face many of the same challenges as other types of business entities. Like a for-profit company, a nonprofit must identify problems that need to be addressed, develop and test hypotheses about how to best solve the issues, identify a financially sustainable business model, and develop a product or service that gains market adoption. Further, if things are going well, a nonprofit may wish to scale its product and services. This Crash Course examines case studies of area nonprofits and how they utilize entrepreneurial methods. Confirmed participants include Bob Omer and Stacey Putka of Defy Ventures Colorado and Cliff Gronseth of Now You Are the Group's Interest (NYAGI).