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Colorado Law Talks: Armistice in the War on Cannabis--Where We Are and Need to Go

Join us for Colorado Law Talks on Wednesday, April 24 at 5:30 p.m., featuring Professor Richard Collins who will present a talk called "Armistice in the War on Cannabis--Where We Are and Need to Go."

Colorado was first to allow the sale of recreational marijuana to adults. The plan was based on analogy to alcohol regulation, but five years in, we are still a long way from a match with alcohol laws. Federal regulation is a big reason why, but Colorado can do more. Will this year's legislative session move us closer? Join us for the second lecture of the 2019 Colorado Law Talks series, where Professor Collins will discuss all this and more.

Colorado Law Talks is a series of lectures in Denver that provide members of the Colorado Law community an opportunity to hear about the lecturersí current research or teaching, and to discuss the questions and ideas that motivate, influence, and shape their work.