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Silicon Flatirons Conference: Internet Platforms' Rising Dominance, Evolving Governance

In this annual technology policy conference, we will explore emerging forms of governance of platforms, evaluating the appropriate strategies for overseeing internet platforms. Possible models of governance can include traditional legal oversight (say, the notice and take-down regime of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act), the application of antitrust law to internet companies (say, the European Union's actions against Google), non-traditional forms of regulation (say, NIST's Framework for cybersecurity or BITAG's development of best practices), and company-specific governance policies (say, Twitter's policies for when to take down tweets). In evaluating the range of models of governance and emerging principles for platform regulation, we will bring together leaders in academia, government, and private industry to ask what we have learned about the internet platform-based economy.

Event Details

CLE Credits
General: 11
Ethics: 0