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The Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence Conference

“The next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) promises to have an impact as big as the mobile revolution or the Internet revolution before that,” state Eric Schmidt (Chairman of Google’s parent, Alphabet, Inc.) and Jared Cohen (Director of Google Ideas). Or, as the Economist put it, “the robots are coming. And we will be merging, mating and morphing with them.” AI is already entering our lives—think Siri, self-driving cars, and programmed stock trading—and this trend will only accelerate. Recognizing AI’s impact, the White House issued a report on AI in the fall of 2016, with two White House officials calling for increased attention on this topic to “develop the positive aspects of the technology, manage its risks and challenges, and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to help in building an AI-enhanced society.” At this conference, we will bring together futurists, entrepreneurs, academics, and policymakers to consider the social implications of AI. In particular, after introducing AI and its social, legal, and policy implications in a panel format, the conference will discuss AI’s implications for civil rights, law and governance, and the future of the workforce in interactive breakout groups.

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