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Spectrum: Next Generation Interference Resolution and Enforcement

A new generation of techniques to resolve spectrum interference is needed. The increasingly complex radio spectrum environment presents new interference threats, while new and evolving technologies promise innovative solutions to managing interference, resolving disputes, and enforcing rules. Opportunities exist for voluntary, inter-party collaboration and coordination to prevent and resolve most interference incidents today and going forward. Next generation interference resolution, indeed, is an important topic being studied by and discussed at the Federal Communications Commission, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and other policymaking groups. This Silicon Flatirons conference will examine the progress made in the past decade and prioritize work to be done for the next generation of interference resolution and enforcement. Key topics to be discussed include: •The changing radio system environment and associated challenges •Current and emerging interference resolution and enforcement requirements •Particular challenges of federal/non-federal band sharing •Improved capabilities for detecting, classifying/identifying, locating and reporting interference •Computer systems to improve interference detection, dispute adjudication, and rulcompliance

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