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After Death: The Prosecutor's Observations from the Aurora Theater Shooter Death Penalty Case

George Brauchler ('95), the elected District Attorney for the largest judicial district in Colorado, tried the case against James Holmes, resulting in a sentence of life imprisonment. In that case, the prosecution sought the death penalty. The defense pleaded Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. The jury quickly found the mass murderer sane. Ultimately, although overwhelmingly in favor of death, an inability to render a unanimous verdict for death resulted in a life sentence for the shooter. Some questions raised by the outcome include: whether and when any Colorado jury would impose this penalty? Should Colorado's death penalty law be changed? In the wake of a national debate on this topic, District Attorney Brauchler will explain the decision to pursue a death penalty, the prosecution's case, outline what is known about the jury's decision, and discuss potential broader implications of this case. Presented by the Criminal Prosecution Society.