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Conference: Health Care Innovation

The policy, technological, and economic forces transforming health care are creating new opportunities for innovators and incumbent providers alike. The promise of precision medicine, where doctors are able to tailor their treatment based on individuals' characteristics, is starting to emerge as a reality for cancer. For patients, they are increasingly able to take advantage of opportunities to gain access to their health care information, prices, and quality as well as contribute to the care that they receive through a range of applications and devices. Stated differently, technological changes are enabling—supported by third party providers like ZocDoc or Open Notes—greater levels of patient engagement and patient or caregiver's ability to be more effective partners in their own (or loved one's) care. For providers, the need to serve patients in an accountable manner is also driving restructuring and the development of new models of care. To discuss this set of issues, and examine the state of health care innovation, a leading group of academics, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and hospital executives will come together for a stimulating set of conversations.

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