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Crash Course: How to Pitch to Angel Investors w/ David Cohen and Natty Zola

An angel investor is often described as an investor in a start-up company using his or her own money, and operating outside of a partnership model. Routinely these individuals invest in early-stage start-up companies and have a different set of incentives and legal constraints than traditional venture capital firms. Because of these differences, angel investors are a difficult group to generalize. Moreover, while plenty of literature exists to help an entrepreneur prepare for pitching to venture capitalists, such as Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson's Venture Deals, less guidance is available on how to pitch one's idea to an angel investor. Techstars alum and incoming Managing Director Natty Zola will sit down with Techstars founder David Cohen to discuss how to effectively pitch to angel investors. Drawing on his experience of funding more than 600 startups including Uber, Twilio, SendGrid, Sphero, Digital Ocean, David is in a prime position to give his thoughts on the process and what works best, from an investor's perspective. Since angel investors are a growing area of venture investing, this topic is extremely timely. In this Crash Course, the two will utilize a Q&A format to outline what you can expect and provide some practical tips on how to interact with angel investors, including common mistakes and how best to avoid them. As angel investors are such a disparate and changing group of investors, this session is well-suited for both first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs.

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