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40th Annual Austin W. Scott, Jr. Lecture

The Austin W. Scott, Jr. Lecture Series was established in 1973 by Dean Don W. Sears in memory of Professor Scott, who had been a faculty member of the University of Colorado School of Law for 20 years. Each year, the dean of the law school selects a member of the faculty who has been involved in a significant scholarly project to lecture on his or her research.

This year's lecture, given by Professor Melissa Hart, is entitled: "Some Ethical Obligations of the Modern Law School." In this talk, Professor Hart will consider several of the current challenges facing legal education and the legal profession. She will, in particular, discuss access to justice and the demand for "practice-ready" graduates as two areas where legal education and law practice should interact and collaborate more than they currently do. Examining recent reform proposals and controversies in these areas, Professor Hart will suggest that, in both contexts, any reform should consider the ethical obligations of the law school as an integral part of the legal profession.

Event Details

Speakers Professor Melissa Hart
CLE Credits
General: 0
Ethics: 1