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Brews & Geeks: A Tale of Two Entrepreneurship Scenes

The quality of life of Colorado's Front Range and rich entrepreneurial history are among the powerful advantages the area has in attracting creative talent to its ever-growing startup scene. The Front Range boasts world class entrepreneurship scenes across several sectors. Yet different scenes often operate independently of one another. This begs the question whether disparate startup scenes, such as the software and craft brewing sectors, might be able to learn from one another. With approximately 160 breweries currently fermenting (12 of which are in Boulder), Colorado boasts one of the best (if not the best) craft brewing scenes in the country. This network of breweries, like the multitude of tech companies that call Colorado home, make up a unique community with its own history, customs, ethos, and culture. However, though many in the tech community, including those at Silicon Flatirons, may enjoy a beer after a hard day of work, the interesting stories of the craft brewing scene are largely left outside our network. Join Silicon Flatirons on June 20 for Brews & Geeks: A Tale of Two Entrepreneurship Scenes. This event will provide perspective about the origins and key moments of the software and craft brewing histories in the area. Moreover, it will compare and contrast norms and key ingredients of the software and craft brewing scenes in the Front Range today (e.g., what is the role of information sharing? How competitive are companies within the scene? Who are the leaders and what are their roles?). And finally, the event will compare and contrast what it takes to start and run a brewery versus what it takes to run a tech startup, including consideration of the process of creation and innovation in software and craft brewing.

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