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March 2021
 Mar 11 Racial Implications of Injustices in Food and Agriculture    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
 Mar 12 Silicon Flatirons - Privacy at the Margins    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
April 2021
 Apr 22 America's First Peaceful (Just Barely!) Transfer of Power    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
 Apr 29 When Black Lives Don't Matter: Years Lost to Wrongful Convictions in the Black Community    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
May 2021
 May 6 The Diversification of Inequality: The Question of Class and the Politics of Inclusion    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE