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October 2021
 Oct 19 Annual John Paul Stevens Lecture featuring Judge Bernice Donald of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Oct 21 The Roots of Today's Racial Exclusion in Boulder County and the Road Ahead: The Native American Experience in Boulder and Beyond    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
 Oct 25 Colorado Law Talk: Why Do People Lack Power in a Democracy?    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
 Oct 26 John and Katherine Rosenbloom Endowed Symposium for the Exploration of Ideas    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
 Oct 27 Crash Course: The Startup Playbook with Rajat Bhargava and Will Herman    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
November 2021
 Nov 2 Crash Course: The New Builders    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Nov 5-6 Homecoming & Reunion Weekend    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
 Nov 9 The State of the Art of Artificial Intelligence in the Practice of Law    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
 Nov 17 Crash Course: The State of Privacy Law in California    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
February 2022
 Feb 18-20 1L PGT Internal Mock Trial Competition - Preliminary Rounds    PUB           STU           CAR 
 Feb 23 1L PGT Mock Trial Competition - Final Round                STU           CAR 
March 2022
 Mar 4-6 1L Mock Trial CU/DU Crosstown Cup                STU           CAR