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LAWS 8505
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Law and Social Change
General Description:
Introduces legal institutions engaged in social change, from courts, to Congress, to bureaucracies and organizations. Posits tension between tasks of dispute resolution and public policy development and institutional adaptations. Considers the role of public opinion and the classics of legal formalism to more critical accounts. Considers postmodern theory and empirical legal scholarship. Presents alternatives to court-centered approaches to change, including community lawyering and organizing, law and social movements, and legislation.

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LAWS 8505-001

Instructor(s): Ming Chen

Credits: 2

Meeting Times & Locations:
   Thu   2:25 PM - 4:05 PM   WOLF 411

First Assignment:
Richard Kluger, SIMPLE JUSTICE Preface, 544-584, 681-686, 703-713, 790-798 (2nd ed 2004) (orig. 1975).

Appendix: Text of Brown vs. Board of Education (1954)