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LAWS 8455
Seminar: Gender and Criminal Justice
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Gender plays a role in many aspects of the criminal justice system--from discretionary decisions about arrest and charging to sentencing and punishment. Some offense definitions traditionally were gendered, and today, facial neutrality may mask disparate outcomes based on gender. Moreover, perceptions about the intimacy of the home and the body create tensions between privacy and government regulation in the investigative activities of law enforcement. This two-credit seminar will explore the intersection of gender and criminal justice in such areas as police and prosecutorial discretion, the investigation and prevention of crimes, the definition of offenses and defenses, factors contributing to criminality, criminal sentencing and the experience of punishment, and the societal ramifications of incarcerating children's caregivers. Reading assignments--drawn from both classic and cutting-edge journal articles, as well as from books--will provide an overview, designed to spark ideas for legal research. The research and writing of a major paper on a relevant topic constitutes a vital aspect of the seminar.

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LAWS 8455-801

Instructor(s): Carolyn Ramsey

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   Wed   10:00 AM - 11:40 AM   WLAW 421