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LAWS 6511
Labor Law
General Description:
Studies the subjects of evolution of labor relations laws; how a collective bargaining relationship is established; negotiation of the collective bargaining agreement; labor and the antitrust laws; and rights of the individual worker. The course materials frame the issue of how a developed or post-industrial democracy deals with the problems that arise out of the employment relationship: of the choices between laissez-faire, substantive regulation, and the private ordering of the employment relationship through the collective bargaining process. This course is offered at least every other year.

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LAWS 6511-001

Instructor(s): Ahmed White

Credits: 3

Meeting Times & Locations:
   Mon,Wed   2:30 PM - 3:50 PM   WOLF 307

Description: This course is concerned with the law as it relates to labor unions and other collective aspects of employment, including the right of workers to form and join unions, to provoke collective bargaining, and to strike and engage other forms of protest. The course is primarily focused on domestic law at the federal level and with a particular statute, the National Labor Relations Act, and the workings of a particular agency, the National Labor Relations Board. However, the also engages other sources of law, including constitutional law, as well as judicial decisions and other statues. It features a strong historical component as well. This course is offered at least every other year.