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LAWS 6045
Criminal Procedure: Investigative Phase
General Description:
Criminal Procedure at the University of Colorado School of Law is taught in two parts. This first part, "The Investigative Process," focuses primarily on the constitutional limitations applicable to police investigative techniques such as arrest, search, seizure, electronic surveillance, interrogation, and lineup identification.

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LAWS 6045-001

Instructor(s): Carolyn Ramsey

Meeting Times & Locations:
   Tue,Thu   1:00 PM - 2:15 PM   WOLF 207

First Assignment:

Please sign up for the course on TWEN and buy the casebook: Israel, Kamisar, LaFave & King, Criminal Procedure and the Constitution (2012 ed.)

For Tuesday, August 28, please read the following pages in your casebook: 26-39 (Fundamental Rights and Incorporation theories, Duncan), 51-59 (Wolf, Mapp), 985-86 (Amendments IV, V, VI, and XIV).

On Tuesday, we'll have an in-class overview of the course requirements and subject matter, plus a discussion of the assigned reading.