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LAWS 5203
Legal Ethics, Professionalism, and Creative Problem Solving
General Description:
The goal of this course is to help develop reflective, creative problem solving, and ethical legal professionals. To do so, it will touch on a core set of issues that lawyers face, including the duty of confidentiality to clients and the hazard of conflicts of interest, providing students with an opportunity to confront these challenges in an interactive and engaged environment. By working through such issues, as well as methodological approaches for addressing them, the course aims to help students develop of a set of pre-commitments as to what type of professional they want to be and what it means to be a creative problem solver. Moreover, the course aims to provide a rich context on the real pressures and tensions that inhere in practicing law, such as the conflict between being a professional and a trusted counselor and, in most environments, billing clients by the hour.

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LAWS 5203-801

Instructor(s): Philip Weiser

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   Thu   2:30 PM - 4:15 PM   WLAW 306