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November 2014
 Nov 1-3 RP Rumble 1L Mock Trial Competition    PUB   FAC       STU   ALUM         
 Nov 5 Hot Topics in Health Law Jobs Luncheon Colloquium    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM       CAR 
 Nov 10 Crash Course: Automating Contracts presented by Professor Harry Surden    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Nov 11 Fun Math: A Game of Chance    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Nov 14 Conference: Getting Beyond Command-and-Control Regulation in Wireless Spectrum    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Nov 18 Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Dave Query, Chef and Owner, Big Red F Restaurant Group    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
December 2014
 Dec 4 Conference: When Companies Study Their Customers: The Changing Face of Science, Research, and Ethics    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
January 2015
 Jan 5-9 Mediation and Collaborative Problem-Solving Training    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
 Jan 15 Conference: The Future of Health Care Innovation: The Leading Frontiers of Change    PUB   FAC   STA       ALUM   CLE     
 Jan 22 Judge Arguello and Law School . . . Si Se Puede    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
February 2015
 Feb 8-9 Conference: The Digital Broadband Migration: First Principles for a Twenty First Century Innovation Policy    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Feb 24 Rothgerber Moot Court Competition    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
March 2015
 Mar 11 34th Annual Colorado Law Alumni Awards Banquet        FAC           ALUM