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February 2016
 Feb 9 Playing the Long Game: Creating Shared Prosperity through Conscious Capitalism, A Conversation with Labor Secretary Tom Perez    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Feb 10 CU Law Diversity & Inclusive Excellence Leadership Series, Program #5:
How To Have That Difficult Conversation
     FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Feb 11 Intellectual Property Law Careers: What I Wish I Knew In Law School        FAC       STU   ALUM         
 Feb 12-13 Judge A Denver Regional Mock Trial    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Feb 16 Spring Professionalism Series Program #2: Social Media, Ethics, and Integrity                STU   ALUM         
 Feb 18 Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Sherisse Hawkins, Co-founder and CEO, Beneath The Ink and Ryan Sullivan, CEO & Co-Founder, Parkifi    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Feb 18 Richard Revesz, Struggling for Air: Power Plants and the "War on Coal"    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Feb 19 "Madison's Music: On Reading the First Amendment" a Lecture by Burt Neuborne    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Feb 23 Tech Literacy Lecture Series: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Clients: What Lawyers Need to Know about Privacy & Data Security        FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE   CAR 
 Feb 24 Global Entrepreneurs in Residence Office Hours    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Feb 24 Rothgerber Moot Court Competition    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Feb 25 Spring Professionalism Series Program #3: Anti-Networking Strategies in the Technology and Transactional World                STU   ALUM         
 Feb 29 Colorado Court of Appeals Oral Arguments    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
March 2016
 Mar 1 CU Law Diversity & Inclusive Excellence Leadership Series, Program #6:
An Exploration of the Issues of Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Workplace
     FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Mar 2 Global Entrepreneurs in Residence Office    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Mar 3 Content Conference: Innovation and Incentives in the Creative Arts    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
 Mar 9 35th Annual Colorado Law Alumni Awards Banquet        FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Mar 10-11 2016 Martz Winter Symposium    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
 Mar 15 Global Entrepreneurs in Residence Office Hours    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Mar 15 Spring Professionalism Series Program #4: Building Your Professional Reputation                STU   ALUM         
 Mar 15 Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Dan Caruso, Chairman and CEO, Zayo Group    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Mar 17 Spring Professionalism Series Program #5: How to Own Your Career and Take Initiative, with Judge Ebel                STU   ALUM         
 Mar 17 59th Annual John R. Coen Lecture    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Mar 23 Seattle Alumni Reception        FAC       STU   ALUM         
 Mar 25 Las Vegas Alumni Reception        FAC       STU   ALUM         
 Mar 30 CU Law Diversity & Inclusive Excellence Leadership Series, Program #6:
Do Legal Employers Really Care? If So, Why Are The Numbers Of Diverse Attorneys Still So Low?
     FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Mar 30 Conference: Health Care Innovation    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
April 2016
 Apr 6 Bridging the "Confidence Gap" - An Imperative for Women and Their Employers    PUB   FAC       STU   ALUM   CLE     
 Apr 8 24th Annual Rothgerber Conference: Robert Nagel's Contributions to Constitutional Theory    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM   CLE     
 Apr 8 Colorado Law Washington D.C. Alumni Reception                    ALUM         
 Apr 14-16 Keller Center Conference on the First Amendment    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Apr 19 Finding Your Path As A Diverse Attorney: Stories From the Frontlines        FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
 Apr 25 Grand Junction Alumni Reception                    ALUM         
August 2016
 Aug 31 GWC Special Guest Lecture: Dr. Ernest Moniz    PUB   FAC   STA   STU   ALUM         
October 2016
 Oct 14-15 2016 Homecoming & Reunion Weekend        FAC   STA   STU   ALUM