Course Description

LAWS 7619
Entrepreneurial Law Clinic
General Description:
Entrepreneurial Law Clinic ("Clinic") students provide legal services to clients in connection with the founding and/or development of a small business. The Clinic exposes students to legal issues often faced by young entities, such as entity formation, financing, employment agreements, and exit strategies. Typical tasks include incorporation of entities, registering LLCs, and drafting employment and intellectual property agreements.

As a prerequisite, a student must take three courses within the areas of corporate law, agency, tax, securities, intellectual property, transactional drafting, or transactional law.

In addition to work on behalf of clients, each week students are required to complete assigned readings on a topic salient to entrepreneurial law. Writing is also a required part of this Clinic. Students draft documents on behalf of clients and such written work is graded. Additionally, each student is expected to complete a paper and make a class presentation concerning a business problem addressed for a Clinic client. Finally, each student also completes a short paper relating to a due diligence exercise.

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