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LAWS 7025
Civil Rights Legislation
General Description:
Presents a comprehensive study of federal civil rights statutes briefly reviewed in other courses (e.g., Constitutional Law or Federal Courts). Studies federal civil rights statutes, their judicial application, and their interrelationships as a discretely significant body of law of increasing theoretical interest and practical importance.

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LAWS 7025-001

Instructor(s): Emily Calhoun

Credits: 3

Meeting Times & Locations:
   Mon,Wed   1:00 PM - 2:20 PM   WOLF 304

Textbook Info: Jeffries, Karlan, Low & Rutherglen, Civil Rights Actions: Enforcing the Constitution, (Foundation, 2nd, 2007), ISBN 9781599413396. 2010 Supplement (most recent edition), (Foundation, 2010), ISBN 0781599418087.